1. R

    Holy ****! I Love Me Some Euro Trucks!

    So I am spinning this off of a thread that was meant to be a troll thread, but, I was steering it hard into having this discussion but it got locked. So. While everyone knows I do like RED OVALS and STARCARS. My true love actually lies overseas. I love euro style cabovers and bullnose Trucks...
  2. R

    ELD / Computer Issues

    We have a driver that has a 2013 Volvo 670 with I-shift. He's been having issues with the truck for the last few months, and has now had 3 transmissions and a bunch of other stuff replaced also. This driver is a little stubborn and has been going to the same shop each time, and these people to...
  3. G

    volvo timing

    Help needed,i am working on a volvo D16 the cylinder head was crack,i have change the cylinder head,the problem i have ,there is no timing mark on the flywheel, i turn the engine manually and i insert a rod in number cylinder and bring # 1 piston to the top,but when i start the engine i am...
  4. orangetrucks

    Q&A: Buying From Schneider Fleet Sales

    Reading up on these forums, there seem to be questions and ambiguity regarding the buying process with Schneider Fleet Sales. We sell used, well-maintained equipment from our fleet. Buying a truck or trailer is a serious purchase, and we want to make it as smooth and simple as possible for you...
  5. Mainst73

    Volvo Vnl 730 durability

    was looking at a Volvo 730 truck for sale but after all I've read worried about the durability. Wife loves the interior but not breaking down is important to making bills. Are they truely as bad as I've read or is it only the people who have a gripe who review them. Would be working the truck up...
  6. Smoochy570

    2017 volvo

    Anybody know the good the bad the ugly on these trucks never been in a volvo
  7. R

    Volvo engines delete the DPF O/O trucks

    D 11, D13 - D16 DPF Delete kit. Anyone had any experiences with them? Looking at the ones by the OTR folks.
  8. Maria

    Volvo recalls thousands of trucks for faulty electronic air dryer

    Volvo Truck North America is recalling more than 6,000 VNL, VNM and VNX trucks due to issues with the electronic air dryer that can potentially affect brake performance, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents. More specifically, certain 2013-2017 VNL, VNM and VNX...
  9. W

    Volvo VNL Daycab heat

    I have a 1999 Volvo with an N14 Cummins that I can not get any heat into the cab. Truck has all valves open, new 180 degree thermostats, and new cool. Ran truck today coolant got to around 120 degrees using a manual gauge and was still blowing cool air out of vents. Does anyone have ideas what...
  10. A

    Volvo beeper for following to close

    I drive this 2017 Volvo it has the following distance i tell you i didnt think i tailgated others but this thing make me stay almost 2 truck and trailer lenghths back needless to say the stupid things always going off beeping It also has the automatic braking that is a dangerous feature
  11. M

    Power Supply Fault, Data Link J939

    Volvo Cummins engine, 500 HP, 2007 year. We checked everything and tried everything. Computer said: "Power Supply Fault; Data Link J939" Can someone help me please? I'm desperate. Did anyone had similar experience?
  12. M

    Power Supply Fault

    Volvo Cummins engine, 500 HP, 2007 year. We checked everything and tried everything. Computer said: "Power Supply Fault; Data Link J939". Can someone help me please? I'm desperate. Did anyone had similar experience?
  13. trucking_dispatch

    Need Your Opinion....

    In the process of getting a truck. Volvo VNL 670 or Freightliner Cascadia Evolution 2016 models I have heard a lot of good and bad. I want to see what you think! Thanks a lot!!!!
  14. hannatheklump

    Did you style your Volvo-truck?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for truckers that styled their Volvo truck both inside and outside in an extraordinary way. Is that you or someone you know, and do you want to participate in a short film? (search on Welcome to my Cab on youtube to see examples). Please contact me here or on...
  15. Bluenickel1349

    Volvo 2012 D13 - Several parts replaced

    Hi everyone We're looking at some trucks at a dealership. We have our eye on a 2012 Volvo with around 490k miles. It's had the radiator, Nox sensor and EGR Cooler replaced. They have agreed to clean the DEF filter and possibly replace the clutch and clutch fan before releasing it to us. Is...
  16. Troady

    Survey, best MPG Volvo 670 - 780 combination truck

    Hi there folks, i know at somepoint the thread will go out of line but it don`t matter as long as we go back to our main objective in this tread, how many MPG your Volvo with a big sleeper does. It does not matter the year, engine, transmission or what you pull, just to give a general idea to...
  17. M

    Isx Cummins vs volvo d12

    Hello, I'm getting ready to buy a volvo truck for long distance driving. I've heard horror stories about d12 engines, but I found a 2001 volvo 770 d12 engine with 400k miles. The rig is very clean with brand new tires and very well maintained. The truck is $12k. Second, I found a 2004 volvo...
  18. Emily

    Nearly 200 Mack and Volvo 2013 trucks recalled for steer axle issue

    Mack Trucks and Volvo Trucks North America are recalling 2013 model year Pinnacle (CXU) and VNL/VNM trucks, respectively. The 193 trucks affected by the recall have an issue with the front steer axles, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents. Affected trucks are...
  19. J

    Volvo VNL 770 Gen 2 hood on Gen 1

    Hello all. I'm new here. I am looking at a 2000 Volvo VNL 770 that has some light damage to the hood and fenders. I was wondering if I can replace the whole front clip with a Gen 2 (2004+) clip? I like the newer style a little better with the bigger lights and the hood vents. The lines look...
  20. steve05

    Volvo d16 MPG?

    hey. Just wondering what other d16 owners get for mileage and what coolant temps you run. Even with new thermostats and radiator I sit around 210 at 65-70mph empty or loaded. I have mid roof 07 vnl730. D16 535hp 13spd manual. Combined empty and 76-78000lbs loaded (usually around 60% loaded...