Garmin Dezl 780 first looks


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Nice Little GPS. (I will update as I increase)

This unit constantly received one of the best reviews of all gps's (4 out of 5 stars)

7 inch touch screen easy on the eyes very responsive.

Very sturdy rugged build, solid nice rubber jacket
to give it grip.

The 1st thing that jumped out at me are all the POI's

From restaurants to fuel stations, from truck services,
lodging. And then you have the sub categories for these

Love that you can power it with a standard micro usb or
of course the standard usb mini b to cig lighter.

Can't really use it out of the box unless you want to get lost
so update the map and software first thing.

Use it responsibly, like all gpses yes some trip will take you
out of the way, but used along side of G-maps and with a little
common sense you should be just fine.

dezl 780 LMT-S Features:
7"with Magnetic Mount
Free Lifetime Map Traffic Updates
Custom Truck Routing
Easy Break Planning
Built-in Wi-Fi
Displays Street Junction Signs
Voice-Activated Navigation
Bluetooth- Hands-Free Calling
Speed Limit Indicator
Access to Foursquare Content
Wireless Backup Camera Compatible
Coverage Area:North America
MicroSD Card Slot
Active Lane Guidance
Works With Garmin Elog
Works With BC 35 Backup Camera
Smartphone Link Compatible
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Scared me a bit when on a trip the unit just shut itself off.

1st time no biggy, thought it may just be one of those fluky things.

Return trip same thing happened so I supposed it was the way I was charging it.

Remember there are two ways to charge it 1 with the standard cig cord the other with usb micro.

And so you know how in your phone you can use a 1amp or 2. And it will tell you that it's not getting enough power sometimes.

Well this GPS will power up without the "not enough power" warning with the 2 amp usb.

But this is apparently meant for only a temp power supply or for docking to your comp for updates.

Cause sure enough when I switched it back to cig charge no shut+offs and when I plugged it into a 1 amp usb it gave me the not enough power warning.

Just so u know

And someone on utube confirmed he same