1. R

    ELD / Computer Issues

    We have a driver that has a 2013 Volvo 670 with I-shift. He's been having issues with the truck for the last few months, and has now had 3 transmissions and a bunch of other stuff replaced also. This driver is a little stubborn and has been going to the same shop each time, and these people to...
  2. V

    Hi ,i just need to know!

    We are a safety company , and we need to know what changes will be taken with the logs , we heard in 2019 will remain only ELD's . Is that true ?
  3. T

    Clarify 10 hour break after 11 Hour Driving Rule

    Hey guys, I am a tech that is setting things up for our company's transition to ELD, I don't have much knowledge of trucking regulations so I just wanted to clarify something. Based on what I've read I know that a trucker can only drive 11hrs within a 14hr On-Duty window, then they have to take...
  4. Getfit Tommy

    They are still trying... ELD... different approaches... this one is actually interesting....

    ... but it still won't work. People don't seem to know a dead Horse when they see one. Here is the article and link: Open letter from Larry Klimek Trucking urging reps to delay ELD mandate "I am writing in reference to the ELD mandate and the negative effect it will have on our company and...
  5. Maria

    OOIDA leadership addresses ELD delay amendment defeat

    Following a House of Representatives Wednesday night vote that eliminated one of the efforts to delay the upcoming mandate, countless truckers were upset, looking for answers and direction as to where to turn next. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has been battling against...
  6. Blood

    ELD delay vote could come TODAY!

    Amendment number 35, the Babin amendment to HR 3354. This is different than HR 3282 and the house could vote as early as today. CALL YOUR REP!! If you need the number you can find it at www.fightingfortruckers.com
  7. SaddleTramp

    Easiest ELD for a company of 1

    What about this ELD? FMCSA Compliant Electronic Logging Device | VDO RoadLog™
  8. Maria

    ELD upstart says Rand McNally's lawsuit falls short of defamation requirement

    In response to a lawsuit from Rand McNally that claimed One20 orchestrated “fake” Twitter accounts to make customers believe the 161-year-old business was going bankrupt, the fledgling Minneapolis-based company maintained that the allegations didn’t constitute defamation. One20 filed its reply...
  9. mndriver

    14 day challenge to OOIDA.....

    And I welcome anyone else to call and challenge OOIDA... And asked them to call me back with an answer in 14 days. I asked them today WHY is the trucking industry being hit with a $3+ billion dollar tax bill to continue to operate in the US by forcing us to purchase an ELD and the monthly...
  10. J

    Does anyone have any suggestions for e-log solutions?

    I got a call today from a company which claimed that with the use of an electronic logging device the CVSA inspection can get a whole lot easier. I ran into some problems this year and I just wanted to put a system in place which makes this process easier. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  11. Mammoth Transport

    Eld mandate

    The federal government is in a state of rebellion against the governed. The use of executive agencies to circumvent the bill of rights is a clear example of this. Somehow, it hasn't been enough for them to require us to provide a sworn affidavit in our own handwriting to help get ourselves...