1. R


    Is this acceptable? Can’t be removed without being broken. Asking for a friend.
  2. C

    Need help with dispatch?!

    Are you an owner operator needing help with dispatch? Give me a call! I have 4 years of experience working with 53’ Dry Vans, Reefers and Flat beds. I can help you find loads to keep you running or if you just need some extra help with paperwork I can do that as well. Book with me and get a...
  3. Injun

    Trucking News: Truck Fire Started in Reefer Unit

    Post Falls, ID Flying J, Friday 28 July. Two semi trucks burn at Post Falls’ Flying J
  4. Adelthemystic

    Reefer Trailer: Flap Sticking Up Above Roof

    I am fairly new to reefer. Well, Not that new, but this is something I haven't seen before: My carrier unit has about a one foot by one foot "flap" sticking up from the roof of the trailer front. It seems to be quite flexible, but of course I can't see what it is or what it effects. This is a...
  5. L

    Thermo king reefer codes

    Hope any one here can help, i have a 2005 thermo king smart reefer and I just got a couple of codes earlier today, first that yellow K in the rear view mirror display came on, I checked the codes and it gave me "check refrigeration capacity" I cleared it and it hasnt come back on, also I got...
  6. Maria

    DAT Solutions: Spring harvests help reefer rates

    Last week, the national average van rate on DAT MembersEdge gave up 2 cents after hitting its highest point since January. Likewise, the national flatbed rate dipped a penny after reaching its highest level in nearly two years the week before. And the reefer rate? Things were looking up during...
  7. mndriver

    Aluminum trailer corrosion issue regardless of make..

    Must have date of manufacture 11/16 to 1/17. Looking for pictures of driver's side rivets on body of great Dane reefer or vans
  8. ironpony

    Food Safety Modernization Act

    FSMA :stare1: Huh? Yup, more burdensome regulations, because azzhats have started food poisoning incidents through stupidity, and dumbazzes have gotten caught running reefer loads with said reefer units turned off. Evidently the Food Safety Modernization Act is getting ready to kick in. FDA...
  9. PeteRRL

    OO's Hazmat Reefer

    Just wondering if some of you owner operators have any experience hauling hazmat reefer loads. just starting to explore this part of the business, curious if anyone has any experience they would like to share.
  10. mndriver

    Carrier reefer "hard start"

    I bought my reefer 3 years ago. 2002 carrier Ultima now with 12,600 hours. It's always had an issue starting. It would start right, but never a "solid" 'starter hits and it fires off' start if that makes sense. I had some compression fittings I decided to open up and use blue lock-tite on...
  11. J

    2012 Great Dane Everest SS Reefer

    Plan to get this trailer, shall I? Chute Freightwing side skirts. Tire inflation system. Brakes are 40% on axle 1 and 30% on axle 2. Tire tread depths are: 7/32 - 6/32 - 8/32 - 6/32 10/32 - 6/32 - 7/32 - 7/32 Or shall I better look for another one for $36,000
  12. T

    Flatbed or Reefer???

    Good day! I currently drive for Werner. Been with them almost 4 months. Have overall about 7 months of recent otr experience and 5 yrs with my cdl. Looking to get on with another company, barely making 2k miles a week here which is only $400 to $500 after taxes, etc. Was looking at Knight...
  13. Emily

    DAT Solutions: Reefer rate tops $2

    It was a hot week for refrigerated carriers. The average spot truckload rate for reefer freight surged 5 cents to $2.02/mile during the week ending July 9 and topped $2 for the first time since October 2015, reported DAT Solutions, which operates the MembersEdge load board. - See more at: DAT...
  14. A

    Utility reefer VIN

    Hello Gentelmen How to find out the trailer width and hight Using the VIN # or the Model # ? For utility reefer trailers Thank you
  15. Injun

    Missing from FL: Blue KW T700 and White Utility Reefer with TK Unit

    Guy got hired and drove away Sunday night, hasn't been seen or heard from except one text message since. Truck Driver Fails To Deliver First Load, Vanishes With Truck And Trailer Missing driver, Will Jackson
  16. Maria

    OOIDA member saves fellow trucker from reefer fire

    By Mark Schremmer, Land Line staff writer Longtime truck driver and OOIDA Member Edward Wilcher was parked with his fiancée, who goes by her blogger name of Sierra Sugar, at Love’s Truck Stop in St. Joseph, Mo., last August. A commotion forced him to look up from his phone. “One of the guys...
  17. Drifter McDuck

    New to reefer

    I don't know jack shenanigans about reefers but that's what I'm pulling now. Any guidance I could get on how to educate myself on these beasts would be greatly appreciated! I'm running local but still venture out about 150-200 miles from the terminal on a typical run. Far enough out that I...
  18. Fredl

    How strong are Sidewalls of a Reefer

    Was doing Milk 10 Years ago, and all Trolleys were loaded longwise. Now they are loaded 3 Wide and one long to get 5 more on the Trailer. Trolleys called "Tets" and have no Brake. So,more then 3/4 of the Weight is pressing against the Wall in a Bend. When i asked if never lost a Wall was great...
  19. Fredl

    Reefer full Milk feeling like half full Tank

    Pre-Trip check done. Full Load of Milk for Starbucks with 2 Bars at the End. Now,our People sometimes bored and switch Traffik Light to manuell. So the Light i jump normally switched to Red and i had to do an Emergency Stop,by 25 mph. Just stood when the Load hit. 10 Year old Trailer,so i...
  20. Chelsea

    What could have punctured the side of our Reefer Trailer

    Ok my fellow truckers, here is our MYSTERY! We have a reefer trailer with a puncture in it over the back axles at the top that goes about 3.5 feet (its jagged and is on a slight angle). There are matching scratches that run from the back of the trailer to the front. Luckily we were able to...