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Anyone addicted to energy drinks? Which ones and why?

I use a natural powdered drink mix on occasion. I mix it with different flavors of Welch's Fruit Juices. It can be mixed with just water, but I need something sweeter tasting. Although I don't need it too much anymore because I'm able to get enough sleep driving solo. But while I was in training, it drank it a lot! Just 8 ounces kept me alert for 5 hours.
They all taste like crap to me. I like my coffee in the mornings, other than that, I mainly drink water or iced tea. Never could get into all the energy drinks that are out there.

They have those little tiny ones now, usually at the truck stop counter. I almost tried one to see what it was like, but ended up not getting it.
I agree...they taste horrible and they don't give me any more energy than a nice icy cold coke does!
I didn't get edgy....but I didn't get any energy from them. Stuff like this never works on me the way it's supposed to....generally it makes me sleepy.
Um... Does Mt. Dew count? I need one everyday! My hubby likes Red Bull, but he's not addicted... Maybe one every few weeks or so.. They are too expensive to be addicted to! lmao
i just drink Mt Dew. energy drinks are way too expensive and seem like a waste of money. if i need something stronger i'll get some coffee in my handy dandy travelmug.
I rarely drink caffeine and I don't do the energy drinks They hype you up then let you crash. This really is not good for your body system. Energy drinks also run the risk of causing you to have a heart attack if you drink more than one in a twenty-four hour period. Just one energy drink has has been known to cause chest pains in some people. I know that now days there are all sorts of energy products.
Energy drinks
Energy Gum and even energy Potato chips.
The best thing for energy is natural fruits and vegetables with maybe some peanut butter. If you aren't allergic to the nuts in peanut butter and 100% fruit juice not from concentrate which is hard to find out there on the road.
If you are really tired take a power nap 20-30 minutes anything over 30 minutes means your body is exhausted and needs real sleep.
Juice and fruits are wonderful for energy. all that natural suger and they help keep your insides clean. Which will help cleanse out all those burgers!
True. But getting my hubby to eat fruits and veggies instead of junk food out on the road is harder than getting Santa Clause to give up cookies.

Instead I just get him to eat well when he's home.
My husband drinks Red Bull when driving. I don't think it really does much, to be honest! Guess it's mind over matter though...
Energy drinks really work for me and my husband. I prefer Monster energy drinks, but he prefers Amps. They all taste about the same anyway. They do taste bad at first, but it's an acquired taste. Some of them do have a lot of vitamins, so they're not necessarily bad for you. It's the sugar and caffeine that's bad, just like in soda.
I've never tried that. I love coffee though, so I might look into it. Does it taste like straight coffee, or does it taste sweet? In other words, is it made for the energy or the flavor?
it has the starbucks taste that comes in those little bottles. can't remember what they are called, frappacinno or something like that.
Ah, okay I understand what you're saying. I like the Starbucks ones, I'll have to try the ones that you mentioned.
I just have to wonder how much sugar is in them. Surely it's the sugar that keeps you bouncey more than anything?
There are some drinks that are sugar-free, I know that both Red Bull and Rockstar offer energy drinks that are sugar free, so you don't really need to worry about the sugar content.
I am a fan of green tea. I love the stuff and it works well.

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