New To Trucking Best state to work out of


Hey guys I’ve been considering getting my CDL for the last year or so and recently got hired on as a box truck driver out of Arlington Texas delivering it loads across the US.

Just curious since I’m single and considering this as a career, what state do you think is the best state to get your CDL and work out of?

I know very little but on my first trip to California I really enjoyed driving through parts of West Texas as well as New Mexico and Arizona. California was rough but I didn’t find it nearly as much as Colorado and going through all the hilly terrain. I enjoyed much of Nevada as well

Thanks guys


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that's why i chose nevada as well. as well as there open carry law. there's no way i would live in an HOA. i also have a high end home in henderson. smogging your 4 wheeler in nevada is cheaper to. thanks to all of the gamblers ;)
I'm in Seven Hills Henderson. Some HOA's are a pain for sure. I'm shopping around now for a different HOA within Seven Hills. Want to remain in Seven Hills.


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Does matter where you live. Cost of government is pretty similar across the country.

the only thing that changes is how it’s packaged. Income vs property vs sales vs whatever.