1. LRod

    Hello Everybody!

    This is me, 20 yrs experience: As a Career Advisor, I work to assist Truckers with their career development and job search, and help secure employment. I am the primary point of contact for job seekers, and provide assistance not only with job placement, but also with referrals to partner...
  2. TommyTrucker88

    Im A New Driver Starting A New Job For A New Company -- Need Some Advice!

    Hello fellas, I am a new truck driver, I have applied to a new company after my long interest in becoming a truck driver. I just graduated my cdl school that the company payed for if i stood with them for a year and i am very happy to have just received my new cdl licence in the mail a few days...
  3. I

    Why did you become a trucker?

    Hi -- I'm a writer working on an article about the many different ways and reasons people get into trucking. I'm interested in hearing from anyone who cares to share their story about why they drive for a living.