1. L

    RoadX Drive tires Sumitomo Steers

    I bought a used truck recently. It has RoadX drive tires and Sumitomo steers. Both have lots of tread. Is anyone familiar with these brands? What was your experience with them? I have never heard of either of them...
  2. WrastlinWombat_10_4

    Truck Repair Tax Exemptions

    Does anyone know if you have a way to get a blanket tax exemptions for tires and other parts?. I was told common carriers are tax exempt, but it's very tough to get it for total coverage.
  3. Rigjockey

    Tires and wheels huh?

    The company that leases us the trailers decided to put one polished aluminum rim on the trailer amongst all the steel rims. I really have no idea?:rolleyes::confused-96::stare1::dunno: Go forth and post a rational or your jokes! I have no idea why they did this but it is kind embarrassing to...
  4. Getfit Tommy

    Get a hobby.......? We gotta retire sometime.... or nah

    I like making my own wallpapers through digital editing and such.... I used to only put up pics of Peterbilts that I chopped, then I finally realized why I can't sleep when I'm home and I'm so stressed out. Stupid is as stupid does.... Hobbies rock ~
  5. 4

    Steer Tire preference?

    I'm told Michelin are the best. I'm running Good Year drives and planned to buy those. Any thoughts?
  6. THBatMan8

    WWE's The Undertaker retires

    After a 28 year span of raising hell in the WWE, The Undertaker called it quits at Wrestlemania and said goodbye. The rivalry between Undertaker and Roman Reigns was short, but it came with an explanation point on who's yard the ring was. The match itself was a good one, but you could tell...
  7. F


    Retired! Enjoy reading what others have to say. Super old school. No cell phone no F book twitter twatter and what ever else people come up with. Marvel at some of these young guys That know every thing about nothing
  8. Maria

    Tire prices to increase across the board in 2017

    Truckers and drivers of all types of vehicles can expect to pay more for tires this year. Michelin and Yokohama were the latest tire companies to announce price increases, following other big names such as Bridgestone, Cooper and Goodyear. Michelin and Yokohama announced prices increases...
  9. traveler19491

    A retired geezer just saying "Hi"

    Hello to everyone! I've been retired for the last four years, now living abroad in Thailand and loving every minute of it. There are times that I miss the road, but not often. I do miss the camaraderie, the opportunities to see and do things that most people will never experience, and the...
  10. GAnthony

    All should STAY RETIRED...!!!!!!

    why do some sports stars retire, then wanna make a comeback.?? they retire due to various reasons, so STAY RETIRED for Christ sakes..!! i am not a big time sports fan, of any sport, i just about like football. baseball...??? i only watch such a boring sport, when i have insomnia and need a...
  11. Beungood

    Former trucker , looking to come back after I retire.

    I used to drive when I got out of the Marines in the mid 80's. I am now at my 20 year mark as a Police Officer and want to buy a truck when I retire.
  12. mndriver

    Aeolus HN308+ tires

    Had to finally break down and get a new set of drives today. In 9/13, I bought a set of eight Firestone FD695+ tires. They don't make them anymore. In 1/2015, I screwed up and drug about 1/10 mile one of my drives, but that's all it took. It was flat spotted on a pair. I made it from MN to...
  13. M

    Dayton Tires?

    We have three 2013 Peterbilts and I'm debating about what kind of drive tires to put on them, does anyone have any input or experience with Daytons?
  14. R

    Do you change your own tires?

    Do you change your tires or do you have them installed by a shop? Please vote, and if you could comment as to what type of driving you do such as long haul, regional/local.
  15. patriciajnsn

    Putting air in your tires

    When you air up your vehicle do you put how many lbs of air your tire requires?Mine is 44 lbs but road brkdown put 30 he said the tire needs room to expand when you drive it.That makes since but ive always filled my tires right at 44 and never had any problems.I called brkdown so they could...
  16. N

    Retired drivers interested in seasonal flexible ready-mix work?

    Hello all. Would seasonal (July-September) ready-mix concrete driving work be of interest to retired drivers? More specifically, would retired drivers looking for extra income while preserving flexibility be interested in ready-mix driving work during the high season? Seems to me this could...
  17. Duck

    Weird tires can drive sideways

  18. Uncle Birchy

    I am SICK n Tired Of DRIVING

    I dunno what to say anymore I can't "Stand" it anymore..... 2 more Runs I'm gonna clean out turn the unit in pack my stuff I'm DONE.... I dunno I used to "enjoy" it actually but the thought of it waking up everyday to do this almost wanna commit suicide... Furthermore my DREAMS are consumed...
  19. Fredl

    Planning Retirement

    Got a House when dad passed away. Well,Just 56.25 % Thats 4 Room and some Land. Owner of other 43.75% started Court Battle why i sold my Part to a Company who builds a housing Estate. I didnt take Money,but get a 53 Squaremeter Flat for Life Time and a few Hundreds Euro Pension each Month. Flat...
  20. Rodger

    Tire inflation system

    I know this style of inflation system is on farm trucks but OTR?