1. S

    New To Trucking Finding location of loading bays with Maps/GPS app?

    Hi Everyone, This is Stan. I'd like to understand how most of you find the directions to a loading bay when delivering goods to a store? In simple google maps - it gives you the location of the Store only not the directions to the loading bay (more specific) - how do you guys solve this...
  2. O

    Hello to all(Rand McNally)

    Hello everyone, my name is Olando McCall and I sell our GPS and asset tracking products. Please reach out to me with any product questions or issues. Ill have something up in the sales advertising forum. With that being said, I know the online forum world can be kind of rough. Please...
  3. Mike

    GPS POI's - POI Factory

    Anybody use any of the POI files from POI Factory? POI Factory | GPS and other interesting topics I guess I am curious as to whether Rand Mcnally (or other GPS units) update truck stops and such via their periodic updates, or do you just have what the GPS came with and have to use these POI...
  4. N

    GPS Freight Tracking Software - Good, Bad, & Ugly

    I am curious about everyone's experience using freight tracking software. Do you have favorite features or bad experiences? I hear bad things about Macropoint however they are still popular but other big ones such as 10-Systems or uDrove by Truckstop I don't hear many encounters about them...
  5. T

    What GPS do you use?

    Well, the time has finally came that I can no longer use my memory to carry me down the road and maps have become obsolete that i am looking to purchase my GPS unit. I am looking to purchase the latest and greatest unit there is to offer and have no limit on what I will pay for it. What GPS do...
  6. SeaBass

    GPS App vs GPS Unit

    Hello, I'm new here and I work for a small company trying to create an app for Professional drivers. Currently it's in Beta stages and only features a few things like Weather, Deals (Coupons), Locations (Truck specific locations etc.) and Navigation (Truck Safe Nav.) I am just polling if an...
  7. Robert Davis


    A friend of mine is selling and Rand McNally 710. I borrowed this week to see how it would do with my Garmin. The Rand McNally NEVER would give the the choice of routes. It would pop up just 1 route and you had to take that one. Is that option not available on this model or is it the nut...
  8. em1984

    Rand mcnally 530 gps

    I purchased one of these the other day and I'm pretty sure I'm going to return it. It seems to take me down roads I probably shouldn't be on. Doesn't seem to be very user friendly. Or maybe I'm just dumb. Does anyone else use on of these or have a suggestion for a better one?
  9. Tazz

    Bee truck overturns, driver blames GPS

    Cleanup Continues After Bees Escape Semi Crash The crash happened around 1:30 p.m. Monday in a rural area near 1842 Posey Hill Road, about three miles sound of the Beckwith Road interchange with Interstate 40. The driver of the truck told first responders that his GPS took him the wrong...
  10. Mike

    Husband and Wife team here because of the GPS navigation on the Qualcomm

    Seriously....... These aren't students, but they were talking to some students. The wife explained that they were constantly running out of hours at their previous company because while one was driving, the other one was often up in the passenger seat navigating with their road atlas. They...
  11. 8

    Pittsburgh and GPS

    I just came West through Pittsburgh. I've done it a bunch of times. Even at 5am if it weren't for the GPS I can't imagine anyone navigating through there. Without the advance knowledge that you need to be in the left 2 lanes then the right two lanes then exit left and so on there's no way...
  12. texas glori

    GPS America..?

    I bought a mustang dominator 870 hdlm. A unit arrived within a week but it was a Titan! I TRIED to call but kept getting a message saying "they were busy with other customers" EVERY time i called! They directed me to their web site to email them..i sent several. They FINALLY emailed me back to...
  13. A

    Truck GPS Deals Website and Trucker App

    Howdy We just went online with a new website. Truck GPS Deals - Rand McNally Truck GPS, Garmin Truck GPS, Truck GPS Apps I'm trying to put together the best truck gps units, and I need your help! We're rolling out our Truck GPS xRoute app soon, which has some pretty cool features, but it's...
  14. fullyarmedcitizen

    GPS Question

    I have the TND 520. And on more then one occasion, she has put me onto some really small state highways. One happened the day before yesterday. It was supposedly a two lane road but the lines painted on the center were obviously just for looks because I had to use the entire road. God help me if...
  15. Maria

    Police: Better GPS could have kept trucker out of jail

    CANONSBURG, Pa. — A Florida truck driver faces a hearing before Washington County District Judge David Mark Wednesday after spending several days in the Washington County jail after he drove his 59,346-pound big rig onto a road with a 10-ton weight limit. He was pulled over Saturday by...
  16. Uncle Birchy

    Proper Trip Planning For NEWBS Don't Become A GPS Victim

    A lot of GPS Horror stories out there and I think NEWBS need to "BEWARE" Now I aint one of those old insidious cranks that's a ANTI-GPS I use one myself BUT there are some things you need to KNOW in order to AVOID getting HUNG UP The way to AVOID being HUNG UP is PROPER TRIP Planning For...
  17. Duck

    GPS fail...

    It knows the road is closed. Get that? It. Knows. The. Road. Is. Closed. So why the hell did it still route me that way? :bonk: That's the westbound ramp from 80 to 80 in Lake Station that's been closed for like a year. It's nothing but pylons. Good thing it at least told me it's...
  18. C

    Truck GPS

    I just started hauling gasoline and I need to a good truck GPS that will not direct me on hazmat restricted roads. Does anybody have any recommendations? Is Rand McNally as good as this website claims it is:
  19. AK7

    Oops! Trucker blames GPS for crossing pedestrian bridge in historic park This happened near my old hood... Unbelievable
  20. Maria

    Are GPS jammers the next frontier in cargo theft?

    By Greg Grisolano, Land Line staff writer Two recent cargo thefts in Florida and Georgia may have given law enforcement a window into the evolving methods some thieves are using to help perpetrate the stealing of tractor-trailers and their valuable cargos. FreightWatch International...