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freaking rookie

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hello everyone,
I will be new to the trucking industry starting in September after I finish school. I have owned a window cleaning business for the past 26 years. I have found a buyer and am looking forward to starting my new life shortly. I was in a pre-med program 18 years ago when my wife got pregant. I knew if I pursued a medical career I would not be home for the first 12 years of my son's life. My wife and I tried for 10 years to have a child, nothing happen. Off to college I went. There was no way I was going to miss raising my son. Med school went out the window, with no regrets. Raising my son was more important to me than anything! Truck driving is something that always intersted me, so here I am.


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Good luck, and welcome to the forum.

And while you are in school, be sure to run out the door and hide of a SWIFT recruiter shows up, LOL


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just stay away from swift, werner, cr england to name a few. they will paint a pretty picture but in reality if they were that good they wouldn't have to go looking for drivers.