New To Trucking Nebraska is the BEST STATE to DRIVE THROUGH.. Prove me wrong


I said it folks. Nebraska is the best state to drive-through as a trucker. Once you get through Omaha on 80 there is nothing about Flatland and smooth roads taking you all the way to Colorado. Not only that but it’s large enough east to west to give you good money and driving through because of the miles. Smooth roads from the drivers nothing but cornfields.

What is a trip/route/area to work if any that you prefer?


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If you took 80 all the way to Colorado, you made a wrong turn, lol.

Interstate 80, out west, not really a fan. The winds can be a nightmare, the blowing snow can be a nightmare, and when going west, you can often throw fuel economy out the window thanks to the constant uphill grade and wind blowing almost straight at you.

My favorite route? Probably have to say interstate 10 and 20 until you begin to reach the DFW area. Not my favorite when it comes to rates though.


Ha ha yeah you’re right about that 80 not going to CO. As far as the winds go I drive a box truck so it’s not as bad but I definitely get your point. Yeah I really like that drive from the DFW through El Paso and Tuscon and then into California.

The one thing I’ll say I prefer this mid west route though is you don’t have to deal with border patrol


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Just about any route I've been on is my favorite at that moment. Even to say it shows me I don't want to return.


Never been to NE. Outta the ones Ive run in I like NC so far

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Crossed the North Platte scale at 80300 lbs. Had a spread axle trailer and licenced for 96000 in Nebraska. Way legal on every axle. Scale guy about had a stroke. Told me their highways were only designed for 80000 and I was destroying their road. I offered to exit and go over to highway 30, which you can see from the scale. He told me to get off at the next exit and get on 30. So I ran I-80 all the way (Greenwood scale was closed).
Few years later I was running 80 in Nebraska frequently grossing almost 200,000 lbs but I had that $12.00 permit so everything was cool.
It's all about the money.

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