Holland F35 Fifth Wheel Adjustment

Electric Chicken

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So basically it sticks way out there because it's released and will slam against the washer and bushing when it's locked in. If it doesn't, it needs turned in or out (depending whether its sloppy or has trouble locking) until it touches the bushing without smashing it when the trailer is hooked.

Uncle Birchy

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Got a little slack in my fifth wheel. I am assuming that all I need to do is tighten the nut at the front to where it is snug against the fifth wheel, correct? Am I underthinking this?
What I do is take some PB BLASTER n let it sit awhile and absord .

Next take a hammer now just good tap all around shake things loose..

Sometimes that pin doesnt lock once ya got desired setting go back out & look

I've had afew wouldn't RE-LOCK just take a hammer and make sure switch set

Now @Mike I'm sure you knows this so disregard...

"Newbies" when sliding a 5th wheel very slightly tap the gas pedal otherwise your sleeper look like when they'd flip open a 1980s cabover..

Also if ya full throttle ya might lock it all the way back .