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First things first, I myself am not a truck driver. My fiancé recently signed a one year contract with CR England and we are having issues trying to figure out what will happen because of something that's going on. We know its not a very good company and it is a last resort sort of thing that he did.

CR England is sending him to the training academy on a greyhound bus, but due to the ticket he has and some delays he will be late for classes. He is supposed to show up one day before his classes (March 15) but his ticket puts him there on the day of beginning classes (March 16). On top of that one of his busses was delayed by a long time and that puts him in the hole further.

will CR England consider their badly scheduled ticket and a delay he cannot control as a breach of contract?? He is currently unemployed and I cannot afford to pay the $6,000-$7,000 fine on a walmart paycheck. Are we screwed? What can we do?

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