1. T

    Transition from Trucking To Technology

    Hey folks, I've been driving for over 20 years and, honestly, I'm tired. I've been missing my kids grow up and all the fun stuff at the house, but I've always made good money. Anyway, I'm looking at transitioning into the technology career, and I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas. I am...
  2. FreightWavesTom

    #1 Source for Navigating the Freight Markets The future of freight is here. We give carriers access to lightning fast insights into asset positioning and allocation, increased truck and asset utilization in ever-changing backhaul and headhaul markets, and better responsiveness to freight market...
  3. Renazy

    Virtual Bookkeeper, Office Manager, Invoicing etc

    Hello Owner Operators! Do you need help keeping up with mileage--IFTA reporting, fuel receipts, invoicing etc? Basically any of your office needs. I am the solution! Highly organized with references. No need for you to stay up with technology and paperwork, when I can handle for you...