1. K

    Clearance lights on hotshot

    How's it going everyone. Quick question. I've got a hotshot setup with a ram 3500 and 35ft gooseneck. CLASS A, GCWR over 26,001. I'm still having issues with my clearance lamps. The originals worked but they were dull bulbs with a hazy lens. So I bought led assemblies to replace the whole set...
  2. V

    Hi ,i just need to know!

    We are a safety company , and we need to know what changes will be taken with the logs , we heard in 2019 will remain only ELD's . Is that true ?
  3. ironpony

    Trucking News: Self-Driving Systems “Aren’t Robust Substitutes For Human Drivers” Says Insurance Group

    [Comment - this reflects the current state of the technology.] A new report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) on autonomous vehicles is out, and the results are clear. While the IIHS says autonomous systems can provide some safety benefits, self-driving systems “aren’t...
  4. nuggsy


    "a majority of the Senate backs the sentiments of former Governor Rick Perry who feels that the ban is “a government effort to micromanage the behavior of adults.”" ONLY FOUR STATES REMAIN THAT HAVE NOT BANNED TEXTING WHILE DRIVING
  5. J

    Dispatching and driving

    Hello fellow drivers. My name is Johnny, handle "Guardian". I currently own a dispatching service but I still drive now and then for some friends. I have been everything from driver to safety manager to opperations manager. Large companies and small. Hopefully I can help my brothers with any...
  6. CTSDecal

    What is the Importance of Safety Decals for you?

    Small local business just touching base to see the opinions of truck drivers to see what is important for you when it comes to loss control measures.
  7. Chicubs22gs

    Safety / Driver Hiring?

    I'm starting a new carrier and not 100% sure where the best place to start is in terms of safety and hiring drivers. What are the cheapest steps to hire 5 long-haul company drivers? And also, what's the cheapest way to keep my carrier's safety standards up to par? Should I hire a consultant to...