1. T

    Clarify 10 hour break after 11 Hour Driving Rule

    Hey guys, I am a tech that is setting things up for our company's transition to ELD, I don't have much knowledge of trucking regulations so I just wanted to clarify something. Based on what I've read I know that a trucker can only drive 11hrs within a 14hr On-Duty window, then they have to take...
  2. Sinister

    The umpteenth HOS thread. What to change?

    Before we went to the current system, the government proposed two plans that were worse than the 10/8 gig. No really, it's true! I don't remember what they were but they were terrible. So the MAIN QUESTION of this thread: What should be changed in your opinion? Remove the 14 rule? Allow...
  3. R

    8/2 split.

    Ok so I went into SB last night and got up this am. I had 8 hours and 2 min in SB but my e-log only gave me back 8 minutes of time that I had left at the time when I entered SB. Question why didn't it give me a full clock? I waited 2 hours and then left so I had my clock. But I don't...
  4. Mammoth Transport

    What would Nathan Hale do?

    Given current and impending rules regarding HOS, log books, sleep apnea, etc how do you rate fmcsa's patriotism overall?