1. Z

    Egr mass flow value too low mid

    Volvo 2009 d13 I got check light code egr mass flow too low mid
  2. Maria

    Mack's new powertrain underscores integration, fuel efficiency

    At a press conference in Las Vegas this week, Mack Trucks told members of the trucking press how its 2017 powertrain will reduce fuel consumption without sacrificing power. Jonathan Randall, Mack’s senior vice president of sales, said that is what customers want. Mack’s new powertrain is also...
  3. American Fleet Inc

    American Fleet Inc., Detroit Diesel Engine Specialist

    My name is Brian Stanton from American Fleet in Springfield Mo. We specialize in re-manufactured Detroit Diesel engines. With over 35 years of experience, we have become extremely efficient at building Detroit engines. Each of the 15-20 engines we build a month come with genuine parts and...
  4. Bluenickel1349

    Volvo 2012 D13 - Several parts replaced

    Hi everyone We're looking at some trucks at a dealership. We have our eye on a 2012 Volvo with around 490k miles. It's had the radiator, Nox sensor and EGR Cooler replaced. They have agreed to clean the DEF filter and possibly replace the clutch and clutch fan before releasing it to us. Is...
  5. Injun

    Racer's Charges Upgraded to 2nd Degree Murder

    Dumbass was racing another guy on the freeway and ran into a UPS truck, which jumped the jersey wall into opposing traffic. Street racer who caused fatal semi truck crash gets charges upgraded to triple murder I am admittedly jaded where it comes to stuff like this, but does anybody else...
  6. 3

    Egr delete

    I have 2004 freightliner classic xl 14l detroit with 10 spd. Anyone know if I can put 12.7 exhaust manifold and turbo on 14l detroit? And how it will perform? Thanks
  7. T

    disable EGR

    if you remove the EGR on an older rig and replace it with an SCR cat converter and DPF you would be ok for Cal.,no????
  8. Maria

    SkyBitz integrates ALK Maps with InSight web app

    PRINCETON, N.J. — ALK Technologies and SkyBitz, have jointly announced that SkyBitz has integrated ALK Maps with its InSight asset tracking and management web application. ALK Technologies is a global provider of GeoLogistics solutions and navigation software. SkyBitz is a provider of remote...
  9. Maria

    OOIDA petitions for reconsideration of final medical examiner integration rule

    By Jami Jones, Land Line managing editor A recent final rule that rolled out a new medical history form and requires medical examiners to transmit the results of DOT physicals within 24 hours of the exam has drawn fire from the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association. OOIDA filed a...
  10. K

    C15 cat acert(egr) delete

    Has anyone ever unplugged thier intake acuators for the acert egr system? I'm going to next week to see if the computer will cut my power. My engine is a 06 NSX c15 cat 475hp.
  11. krelithous

    EGR delete

    is it possible to do an EGR delete or is that against the law :confused-96:. I wanna set my truck to run off a blend of diesel and CNG. thanks
  12. R

    Mama's EGR Milk Money,...Cummins CM871 EGR Delete

    I am starting this support thread to discuss and help others with doing an EGR or DPF Delete(s) on the CM871 ONLY!!!. It is a discussion-only thread, I DO NOT DO EGR DELETES!!!,....I only make documents about them, and/or discuss them. I also do NOT provide any software/hardware for doing them...
  13. Driver of the year

    If you eliminate the EGR. system on your Detroit 2006, will you be in trouble?

    I ask a Detroit Diesel technician and he said if DOT. stops you and makes an inspection and if that EGR is tampered or deleted, it becomes a federal offense and he can arrest you in the spot. Is that true Forum and have you heard anybody get in trouble for a EGR delete?????
  14. Mike

    Freightliner showcases OEM designed and integrated in cab training system at GATS

    DALLAS – Freightliner Trucks and Rolling Strong is showcasing the first-ever OEM-designed-and-integrated in-cab exercise and flexibility system at the Great American Truck Show (GATS) here Aug. 22-24. The Freightliner In-Cab Training (FIT) System provides drivers with full-body...
  15. Mike

    XRS Corp., Samsung developing integrated mobile device for HOS compliance

    MINNEAPOLIS — XRS Corp., the leader in trucking intelligence, announced today during its annual XRS User Event (XUE) in Minneapolis that it is working with Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (Samsung Mobile) to develop an integrated mobile device and software package designed specifically...
  16. Mike

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  17. Cargo Commando


    Cummins ISX Egr Problems I think my EGR valve is on it's last leg. I have a'05 Cummins ISX 400 ST motor. Is this valve electrical or vacuum? Can I replace it my self? I figure if I can block off any coolant lines and have some o-ring/gaskets on hand it might be a DIY job. I'm somewhat...
  18. Blood

    Tire regrooving

    I've been regrooving tires for years but I'm surprised at how many people have never heard of it. With today's tire cost and what seem like quarterly price increases, why would anyone NOT drive every available mile out of their tires? The following pics are before regrooving, after regrooving...
  19. Mike

    Lexington KY -Will there ever be a better route from the Bluegrass Parkway to I-64?

    Granted, I don't end up there very often, but that crazy time wasting route through Versailles/Lexington is absolutely ridiculous. I know we got some Kentucky folks here who can go put some pressure on a few people to get this fixed! Seriously, is there any plans at all to build something...
  20. Duck

    EGR going to hell

    Cummins ISX, mfg in 2009. 450,000 miles. Check engine light on intermittently. When it's on, if I stop the truck I get a fault code that just says "EGR". While the light is on, the truck ain't got no power at all til it hits 1500 RPM. Is this something I oughta get fixed now, ... or can I...