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    Eaton Fuller 10 speed Gear Oil Thoughts

    Synthetic or conventional 50 wt? Eaton's new PS386 is in excess of $300. Conventional 50wt is about $50. 600+ miles on the tranny. What do you think?
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    Hey guys so my father has a 2001 freightliner century detroit 60 with the 10 speed. His truck has no egr system at all. We are in the state of california and you know how its getting hard with emissions on trucks.Any reviews on dpf on trucks such as his or testimonies would be appreciated. He...
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    freightliner century driveshaft whine

    Hi i have a 2001 freightliner century d60 engine and 10 spd eaton trans. Recently about a week ago noticed a high pitchwhine from driving from 5 to 40 mph after 40 starts to fade away little by little seems to be coming from were the driveshaft is at. Just idling wont do it.Anybody have this...