I have this problem of lost engine power. Especially uphill check engine., And the engine light turns on along with this code spn2797 fault 4, that forces me to leave the road the engine is shaking. I turn off the engine for 5 minutes when turning back on everything works normal again. The...
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    dd15 No starter- when warm

    Trying to see if anyone else out there had this issue, and if so, figured out the cause. 2011 cascadia dd15 10spd- 340k Dealer looked at it 3 times, couldn't figure it out, said they had a few other trucks same issue but no fix..... When truck is cold,turn key, wait for precheck, turn key-...
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    Help!...Need help with a 2011 Freightliner Cascadia DD15!

    Hello and Greetings to all the truckers who make our daily lives much better from helping to bring that fresh food to our tables to those needed building materials to keep building this great country. I will try to be brief but my story is so long, complicated and sadly said, expensive and...
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    i was watching a video on a 700K inspection of a dd15 2010 at the Detroit factory. I noticed it had 2 cams that sit in a tray over the block but under the head. at least it looked like that. Why does it have 2 cams???
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    Cascadia DD15 with DEF... hmmm?

    What do you guys think of the Cascadias with a DD15 in it and DEF. I have been reading a lot of negative comments about them. Any of you with experience have a say in this? Because we are debating on getting a International Prostar with a Cummins engine or this Cascadia.
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    Freightliner; Coronado w/DD15 -vs- Cascadia w/Cummins ISX

    Looking to pick up 10 trucks Coronado w/DD15 or Cascadia w/ Cummins ISX If you have any info as a driver on these trucks, let me know. New Co. in Kingman, AZ