1. J

    Buying first truck $25k or $70k

    Hi guys, I am new to this forum and fairly new to the industry I've been a company driver for a year and decided to get a truck. Now I have a dilemma: Case 1 - Purchase a ~$25k pre emission truck with freshly rebuild engine and pay it off in about of 6 month. or Case 2 - Purchase a ~ $70k...
  2. T

    Inframe and Out of Frame Engine Machining

    Rutts Machine Inc. is in Elizabethtown, PA. I do inframe engine machining on any engine. (Detroit, Cummins, Cat, Mack, Paccar, Etc) I will travel anywhere to do this. Examples of places, that I have been (Bismarck, ND,/ Green Bay Wisconsin/Edmonton, Alberta/Long Island, NY/ Minot, ND/ Mobile...
  3. TampaTroy

    Peterbilt and cummins are #[email protected]@$€

    It is so frustrating when you send in a question to a big company like Peterbilt and Cummins and they completely blow you off. Not even a "Sorry can't help you with that. That is not our policy to give out that kind of information." I guess they are only interested in selling new trucks not...
  4. J

    N14 Fuel/Smoke issue

    I've got a 1998 Freightliner classic with a 2000 N14 CelectPlus 525. From the beginning I got the engine from shop that said it only had 400k on over haul. So I bought engine, from Start it had a miss, had the ECM rebuilt, new fuel lines, bypassed the ECM cooling plate, replaced fuel shut off...
  5. Julionewtrucker

    Cummins N14 not accelerating past 16 RPM

    I have a 1994 international 9400 with a Cummins N14 with Spicer 9 speed. While driving up a small not to steep hill I seemed to lose power. Once I was on flat ground I saw that the accelerator did not respond or raise the engine past 17 RPM even when in neutral. The only way to gain speed slowly...
  6. J

    Freightliner AC Issue

    i have a 1998 Freightliner Classic Remvable sleeper type, its got an Cummins N14 525 in it. I just completely rebuilt the AC system, new compressor, clutch, dryer, all expansion valves, only thing not replaced was condenser. My issue is this the AC works excellent as long as the engine fan is...
  7. Jay bird 8125

    Cummins ISX starts then shuts off and won't restart

    I have been having intermittent problems and can't seem to find what is going on. I have a 2001 ISX 565 that after running for a while I shut it down do what I have to do and go to restart it, it will start fine and then sound like it runs out of fuel and will not restart. (To restart I have to...
  8. H

    Cummins ISX15 CM2350 FC 5868

    I keep getting fault code 5868 in my ISX. I've had it in the shop 3 times and keep getting it. Does anybody know what causes it or how to fix it?
  9. B

    Cummins swap questions

    I own a business that utilizes straight trucks with knuckleboom cranes and flatbeds. When we started doing business, all of our customers were south of Atlanta, GA and the ground we were running on was relatively flat. As we have grown, we have started getting customers in PA, OH, and KY. These...
  10. ajala

    Cummins isx low oil pressure

    Cummins isx oil pressure drops to 10 psi after climbing a hill, any ideas???
  11. ajala

    Cummins ntc400 non stop top injectors

    I would like to know the torque method of adjusting the non-stoptop injectors for bigcam 3 400 Cummins. Please
  12. ajala

    Cummins isx low oil pressure

    Got an 06 Cummins isx, change oil n filter and now oil pressure drops to 10 psi with a cackling noise, using a different oil and filter
  13. Killbilly

    Cummins ISX help needed

    Hi everyone, I have a 2010 KW w900l with an 09 cummins isx 450st, the truck is new to me so pardon my lack of knowledge of the engine. what I do know is that I bought the truck with a cummins isx that threw a rod through both sides of the block. I replaced it with a 09 cummins isx that only had...
  14. Ricod306

    Need help with my n14 cummins Peterbilt

    Hi guys. I have a Peterbilt with a n14 cummins engine. There are a few things I need help with. First of all it has sump compression and air build up is very slow. It also has a higher fuel consumption than a 12l 6 cylinder Volvo and I would like someone to help me get this truck in ship shape...
  15. revmup

    cummins isx question

    on the right side of the block, just above the oil pan and towards the rear of the block behind the oil filter is an oval shaped plate with 2 bolts and a gasket. Is there oil or coolant behind this plate?
  16. Ricod306

    Delayed air compression on n-14 cummins

    Hi there. I have a n14 stc cummins in an old 2000 peterbilt. The engine was rebuilt but recently the air started to build really slow. I had to start the engine about 15 to 20 minutes before departure to have enough air for my brakes. I took off the intake pypes leading from my engine to the...
  17. N

    Cummins Insite Diagnostic

    We recently were having trouble with our Cummins ISX motor and the dealer quoted us some crazy number to get it fixed as it was throwing diagnostic trouble codes etc. I did my research and ordered a oem Cummins diagnostic Toughbook package which included the one year dealers license from...
  18. M

    Power Supply Fault, Data Link J939

    Volvo Cummins engine, 500 HP, 2007 year. We checked everything and tried everything. Computer said: "Power Supply Fault; Data Link J939" Can someone help me please? I'm desperate. Did anyone had similar experience?
  19. M

    Power Supply Fault

    Volvo Cummins engine, 500 HP, 2007 year. We checked everything and tried everything. Computer said: "Power Supply Fault; Data Link J939". Can someone help me please? I'm desperate. Did anyone had similar experience?
  20. Maria

    Cummins Filtration unveils next generation lube filter for new engine platforms

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Cummins Filtration today announced it has further refined its Fleetguard LF14000NN combination lube filter for the arrival of newer engine platforms including Cummins X15 engines, introduced last month. The new Fleetguard LF14000NN uses a state-of-the-art co-bonding...