Stacey Q Rocks


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Apr 19, 2019
Stacey Q Rocks?

Ok, which one of you drivers are responsible for this? I imagine most of you have seen this by now, and I guess I should have taken a picture to explain for those who haven't.

Anyhow, in truck stop bathrooms throughout the country, somebody is writing "Stacey Q Rocks" on the bathroom walls. From what I have seen, it looks like it is probably the same person doing the writing, because the handwriting is always the same.

Who is Stacey Q? Those of you who listen to much 80's music may not recognize the name, but you may very well recognize the song from the Youtube video below:

She wasn't in the limelight very long at all (basically just this one song), but she must have had a big effect on at least one person out there.

I am assuming that "Stacey Q Rocks" is just in the men's bathrooms, if not, maybe some of the ladies can educate us otherwise?

So, have you seen it? Were you wondering what it meant?

Last place I seen it was Friday at the Flying J in Laredo. If you see it, snap a pic and post the location for this thread. :) I'm curious just where all this is located.
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