Reefer Phase converter for standby motor


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I'm considering purchasing a phase converter so that I can plug in my Carrier Supra 744 while its parked. My motor is 7.6 HP for which I have determined a 20 HP three-phase converter is appropriate. I've spoken to a couple different companies about their rotary phase converters and they both have a base model (around $1400) and a model with some electronics to enhance the starting abilities of motors that need a lot of extra power to start, like a compressor motor. These cost a good bit more ($2000-$2400). The salespeople are a little wishy washy about whether the base models will work for my application or not. Does anyone havce experience with 3 phase converters? Do reefer compressors like mine need the extra surge power electronics or is this just an upsell? Will I be just fine with the base model?

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