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looking into driving for kllm and want to hear any pros or cons ,also have prehires from may,trans amand usx any and all help greatly appreciated
I've heard neither good nor bad about them. But as a driver I don't like their drivers the majority seem rude on the road.

I have noticed as a general rule, most drivers match the company. If the drivers are rude and short tempered, most likely the dispatchers and the higher up are also.
I worked for KLLM for about 2 1/2 years starting in '04 and would still be there if i hadnt found a local job that get's me home every night. Over all my time with them was good i have no complaints about the way i was treated. Went home when i wanted to...Pay was fair...didnt sit to long in one place (They are not afraid to DH you to keep you moveing).
I don't know if they are especially good or bad for teams, but they seem to stay out of the frey when the complaints start flying about companies.

I would take this to mean they are probably ok. Other drivers say they are fine.
I am trying to get all the info i can on them, but it seems to be limited. Even on this forum, under the 'reveiw" page, there are no comments. Looking to be a solo, not team driver, but info is info, so any would be good. thanks for the reply SG.
All I can provide is my information from years ago. Back then, they were a good company to work for. Since then, they have bought out dry freight companies (vernon Sawyer).

When I was there, Brenda Beard looked out for the drivers out of the Dallas, TX. Terminal. When I was in Jackson MS, I was taken out of a cabover truck, and put in a brand new conventional (back then, that was a big deal). After two hours of transferring my stuff over, I was informed by dispatch that some guy was coming off of vacation that morning, and they wanted to put him in the truck, and refused to dispatch me. I called Brenda, she told me to drive off the terminal. I did what she said, and they tried to stop me at the gate. I told them I was told to leave, and proceeded to pull out from the terminal. Within a couple minutes, I had a dispatch, and was on my way to pick up a load in my new truck...

The only reason I left this company was because I had decided to buy my own truck. Were it not for that, I wouldn't have left them.
No, not exactly teaming, my wife and I are hitting the road in a few months, but she won't be driving. I am doing my best in between my 60 hour weeks to research the companies and try to find a fit. Kllm has been inching up the list, but really only because I can't find bad things said about them even though I can't really find good things either, at least recent things. Although, sometimes people at a good job will keep their mouths shut to keep a good thing secret, lol

Well I work for them now and It has changed alot. They have a Lease Program and Company drivers. Every company has it's good and bad points, it's just what you make of it. The owners of KLLM now own tire shops! I have left and came back a few times. It isn't bad. There are alot of rude drivers out there and they work for alot of different company's that is the point. You have to figure out what you want from a company and then go from there. Like your home time and pay!!!!!!

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