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How many of you have taken your kids with you on the truck? I know some companies let you take your children as young as 5 by your self.. no age requirement w/ a spouse along too...
Both our kids have gone along without me. They had a wonderful time and made some great memories with their dad. Just a few weeks ago our 16 year old went for a week. She goes for at least a week every summer. He misses so much of their lives day to day, it's nice to have the one on one time.
My grandpa used to take my dad and uncle with him a good bit. I went a few times when I was younger as well. I was pretty young and don't remember it much at all.
The kids loved it when they were little. They got a trip, one on one time with dad AND had something to write about when school started back in the fall. Everyone won on that!
Can't not until they are 12, then they can come out with me. Until then they will have to wait, only 2-3 more years left.
A lot of the local guys take their kids on the Chicago and Indy trips. I think it would be fun. Just watch your rider clause with your company. It can get you fired.
Some companies allow children as young as 4 to ride with a parent. That might have changed with the new laws on child restraints. You might want to look into that as well.
When my husband and I have kids, I'm sure that they will go along with him every once in a while. I used to go with my grandpa every once in a while, and built some great memories doing so.
My company didn't allow us to take kids back when they were young enough to want to come along. I think it's great when people can bring their kids along provided they can still do their job and the kids are safe and happy.
I do not have any children, but if I could take them with me, then I would. I think it would be a cool experience.
I have noticed a lot of the guys that used to bring their kids into see me as riders are now bringing in their grandkids. hehe That is so cool!!!!!

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