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So, I'm heading to International Paper in Georgetown, SC tomorrow after I get unloaded in Columbia. Most of my recent experience with paper plants has been drop and hook, or a live unload of roll stock, but haven't live loaded rolls at all in years other than a couple times when a trailer wasn't preloaded yet at a plant in Oklahoma I never had problems with.

As for this plant tomorrow, I made the dreaded mistake of looking at the google reviews, and now really not looking forward to loading there. I mean, I actually sit here and considered making up excuses to cancel the load on the broker, but couldn't bring myself to do that.

You drop your trailer here and they take it to load it, so simply leaving after getting frustrated becomes difficult at that point. Not impossible, but difficult.

Here is the place, complete with a 2.9 star rating, due to their slow loading times, and a road into the plant that appears to be a bit rough.

So, vote in the poll, how long will I be there?

On a positive note, I did see people mention that you could park overnight there, so there's that.....


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I’ve actually been there.

I barely got to the staging yard and was still unhooking when they came for my trailer.

I barely got lunch made and my paperwork submitted for the previous load and they brought my trailer back out to me.

That was some 9 -10 years ago though. When I still had my dry van.


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I ain’t pulling any trailers with doors for a REASON…

I got tired of the shitty treatment.

I’ve also gotten situated now that even a 24 hour layover for a load/unload on a Saturday…

Will gladly be received with a nap.


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My official start time is 1230 Atlantic Ocean time zone. Got here just after 1200, pointlessly gave my info to the guard, and gave it to the trailer inspection guy as well once I got there because the high speed guard still hadn’t entered anything into the computer.

Got trailer inspected, then dropped, and parked to wait. Gonna call that about 1230 when I got all that done.

1250, they snatched onto my trailer and took it away. Felt pretty optimistic about that.

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We are at 4 hours now. I was banking on being stuck here 5 hours.
I spent 3 hours at Costco the other day. My windows had never been cleaner.

Not much to occupy yourself with when you're in a day cab with windows glaring off your entertainment screens.

I started bringing my electric grease gun with me so I can do chassis maintenance.

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