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What is your overall opinion of the Flying J Travel Centers, also known as "The Hook"?

Granted, there are differences among each of them, and we can definitely have new threads to discuss each one on an individual basis, but overall, how to you rate the Flying J's compared to other truck stops in terms of parking, food, fuel prices, convenience store, and all of the other aspects that are important to a truck driver?
I always stopped at the J while traveling in my motorhome mainly because they have the separate pumps for RV's which include propane right there as well. In the truck, they're my 2nd choice behind Pilot. I do like their breakfast buffet, but not lunch or dinner.
I am pretty much forced into the Flying J truck stops, as it is the only location we fuel. I rarely get good food at any of them, and have basically quit trying, and often get annoyed at it taking forever it seems to get into the fuel island to fuel up.

There are plenty of them though on the routes that I regularly drive, so I never have to worry about where I can get fuel, which is a good thing.

And since I don't eat their food, I use the discount points to pay for high speed internet when I am at one waiting for my reload back to the house.
I actually like the Flying J stops. I think they are relatively cleaner than most, and I sometimes like their food.
My favorite truck stop chain is Petro, but Flying J is my second favorite. I have found them to be fairly consistent in terms of their parking and facilities. I do like the restaurants, and the showers are usually nice and clean.

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