CB radio pictures

Ontario Outlaw

Hozer Witta Hood
That’s my girl, pretty stock. Gonna get her tuned up shortly.

Ontario Outlaw

Hozer Witta Hood
Mine is the bottom one. I borrowed my buddies extra radio for the time being.

I think he’s got the rainbow mod done for his meter lights, it’s kinda annoying.

Ontario Outlaw

Hozer Witta Hood
That looks better. Peaked and tuned, outlaw final kit, new meter and channel lights and a crap ton of cleaning. He also adjusted the echo board.


I don’t think anyone wants to see my cobra 29 soundtracked. It’s stock nothing special. My buddy Steve Has a 29 LTD peaked and tunes with some mod kit and big finals pushing like 50 watts and has talk back and something else. Hahaha!

Ontario Outlaw

Hozer Witta Hood
Here is a real installation. And a real radio.

You know why they call them Cobras? Because when you use one, eventually you're likely to get bit.


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Ya ur both right
Closest cb shop to me is a hour and 10 min
And it's a hack shop they are golden screwdrivers they over price Galaxy radios and clame a super tune for $12 which I laugh at so glad I'm a tech