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C.R. England trainer gives a scare to two newbies

A truck driving instructor for a Salt Lake City-based motor carrier recently gave new meaning to the phrase "crash course."

Isn't what he did like Hit and Run?
Wasn't that the swift, jb hunt, werner approach (at some time), hit something and run away?

Isn't it stated on the cr site about having 6 months driving experience one can become a trainer?
6 months, yes one is then a professional.
i agree there pat oh what makes matters worse some of their drivers have pill and insulin diabetes and they still allow that driver to work for them. and i knw this driver dont take his meds as prescribed. or last i knew he was still there a yr ago havent spoken to him since. and there is a company that has a terminal near you its in spartansburg dont knw if u would want to go to work for usa though.

I'm a phase II trainer with CR England. I'm supposed to teach the business side to students after they have completed phase I. More often than not, I'm still working on their driving skills yet I've only been a driver for 3 months. You are right; the blind leading the blind. But some people can teach after a few months and others can't teach after 10 years. Unfortunately, while England's yard and classroom instructors are top notch, and their training is, in my mind, the best in the industry, it breaks down a bit in the field. There are some very good trainers in the fiels but, unfortunately, there are some real duds. And those bad guys teach bad drivers how to be worse drivers and bad trainers. I'd love an opportunity to work with England to balance their needs to lease more trucks with their need to retain quality drivers.
Over all, it's really a good company.
So many companies only require 6 months exp to train.That't like the blind leading the blind. Hopefully that trainer gets his CDL taken away PERMINATELY.

that is atleast some kind of requirement. with C.R. England if you sign a lease they will give you a phase two student right away. doensnt matter. now some guys wait get some experience. and then some dont. they get the $$ in thier eyes. that is just not right at all in my book.

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