Freightliner 2007 Smart Shift Transmission


Just picked up a freight liner 2 axle truck with a C13 cat. It has the 10 speed smart shift automatic transmission. This is a 2007 truck

I am looking for some tips on driving this thing as it relates to the automatic transmission.

So far from what I can tell I HATE IT!!!!

It will only start out in second gear and I am unable to skip any gears. Further I am unable to wind it out at all as it appears to have limiters. I find it extremely difficult to get up to speed to enter freeways as the transmission has to run through all the gears at its own pace regardless of throttle position or manual shifting of the paddle.

Truck does not appear to be equipped with an exhaust brake and does not want to hold a low gear going down hill. This forces you to use the brakes excessively to slow the truck down steep grades.

Are there some tricks to driving these trucks or am I just stuck with the transmission doing its own thing?


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Sounds like the transmission is programmed for the automatic equivalent of progressive shifting. A fuel economy measure. My understanding is that it can be reprogrammed for better performance.
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Pay to get progressive shift removed. And the manual lock out removed. Then have the start gear parameter changed to 4th gear.