1. T

    Inframe and Out of Frame Engine Machining

    Rutts Machine Inc. is in Elizabethtown, PA. I do inframe engine machining on any engine. (Detroit, Cummins, Cat, Mack, Paccar, Etc) I will travel anywhere to do this. Examples of places, that I have been (Bismarck, ND,/ Green Bay Wisconsin/Edmonton, Alberta/Long Island, NY/ Minot, ND/ Mobile...
  2. Maria

    Paccar announces updates to MX-13 and MX-11 engines, new proprietary axle

    Paccar is launching new power, torque and fuel efficiency enhancements to its MX-13 and MX-11 engines for North America. The maker of Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks released details this week at a press conference in Las Vegas. Paccar increased the MX-13 engine’s output to 510 hp and 1,850 lb-ft...
  3. Daxaero

    Our new beast with Paccar mx 13 (which i found to be a sh&t engine)

    Nice cabin, nice chasis, very driveable but the thing is that engine "drinks" around 10 liters of oil per 2000 liters of diesel..... and it's brand new truck, year 2015..... i googled about it and other Daf customers have the same problem with that specific engine
  4. Maria

    Paccar Profit Passes $1.3 Billion Mark

    The truck and engine manufacturer Paccar Inc. on Friday reported record annual revenues of $18.99 billion and net income of $1.36 billion for 2014. The figures compare to 2013 revenue of $17.12 and net income of $1.17 billion. Earnings per diluted share were $3.82 in 2014, an increase from...
  5. Rigjockey

    Paccar infotainment center.

    Anyone got a Paccar with the infotainment center? I use the built in blutooth feature. Most people can not hear me clearly . I realize there is some engine noise and what not. My question is, Does anyone know where the Mic is located? I am thinking if I could talk toward the mic or get...
  6. C

    PACCAR Lease

    Hi, If I were to lease a Peterbuilt in Ontario does anyone know if I can break that lease and what does it imply? Or do they have a walk-away policy on leases?
  7. A

    Help me choose: Paccar PX-7, Cummins ISX 12L, Mack MP8, Mack MP7

    I am purchasing a new vehicle, but I am undecided which of the following engines to go with. I'm interested in quality, I want the most reliable engine even if I have to sacrifice price and fuel. These are my only options since I am needing a cabover which only peterbilt, mack and autocar make...
  8. Tazz

    PACCAR Recalls Bellevue,WA — Truck manufacturer Paccar is recalling many Peterbilt and Kenworth truck models. Paccar is recalling 5,087 model year 2014 Kenworth T170, T270, T370, T440, T470, T660, T680, T700, T880, and...
  9. Mike

    New Engines - Detroit, Cummins, or PACCAR? or maybe Volvo? Maybe?

    I am currently in the market to possibly buy a new truck in the Summer/Fall of 2014. May end up going used, but that is beside the point for now. If you were to buy a brand new truck (not a glider), and had the above 4 engines to choose from (obviously, a couple of the choices are going to...
  10. Maria

    Paccar reports third-quarter income more than doubled

    BELLEVUE, Wash. — Paccar Inc., which makes Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks, said Tuesday that its third-quarter net income more than doubled, helped by increased truck deliveries, higher aftermarket sales and a growing financial services business. The company earned $281.6 million, or 77 cents...
  11. Racer X 69

    Dignitaries celebrate opening of Paccar engine plant

    I find it interesting they have finally gotten this going. Before I started driving trucks for a living I worked for a while at the PACCAR Tech Center in Mount Vernon, WA helping to develop this engine. There were delays to the production of this engine and the plant finally getting opened...
  12. Maria

    Kenworth T700, Paccar MX roll through Ontario

    CONCORD, Ont. -- It's not unusual for a truck maker to introduce a new model to customers via a comprehensive North America-wide road trip. What was unusual, however, about the Canadian leg of the Kenworth T700/Paccar MX Road Tour was that the truck being showcased was a fleet-owned unit...
  13. T

    Paccar chooses SCR path to 2010

    BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Paccar has joined Daimler Trucks and Volvo Trucks in committing to selective catalytic reduction (SCR) as the preferred technology to meet the nitrogen oxides (NOx)-cutting demands of upcoming 2010 engine requirements. More...
  14. S

    PACCAR to Build Engine Plant in Mississippi

    Paccar plans to build a $400 million engine plant and technology center in Columbus, Miss., the company announced May 14. Construction on the 400,000-square-foot facility will begin in mid-2007. When completed in 2009, the new facility will manufacture 12.9-liter and 9.2-liter diesel engines...

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