1. J

    Pricing LTL vs. FTL

    Hello guys, I need some advice about how to price FTL vs. LTL. I've been told the rule of thumb is that LTL is 2x the cost of FTL per skid. So for example: FTL 1 skid = $100 LTL 1 skid = $200 Is this how you all price? Would it be possible for someone to teach me how to price? Thanks very...
  2. G

    Need help with LTL shipments

    Hey guys, We sell products that are about 100-150lbs of weight that we can't ship using UPS/Fedex Ground service because they get damaged frequently. Can someone help us with a reasonable price? Freight class most of the time is 77.5-85. Origin - 07024, destination - nationwide. Thank...
  3. M

    LTL's work overnights??? Where do i sign up?

    so i did alittle research on LTL/Linehaul drivers. Sounds perfect for me! Overnight work, same routes every night, and home daily... where do i sign up for this gig?
  4. quillcom

    LTL ???s No dock ???s

    Wondering if any other ltl drivers get any flack from the forklift drivers getting tired of moving other freight to get to theirs. Yes, this happens because this run has a few companies that don't have or refuse to use their dock for whatever reason. I not only deliver ltl to many companies...
  5. K

    XPO logistics LTL Training?

    So I stumbled upon this the other day and I've tried to do some research and look for reviews on their program but I've gotten nowhere. XPO Logistics has an LTL student training program and here are my questions about it... - Is this really 100% LTL after school? - Is the program any good and...
  6. C

    info on ford l 900 & ltl 9000

    I have several the old fords 9000 real clean rangeing from / 50.333 miles. Most cat 3406 b. And 855 cummins. Any thoughts on these old trucks were very low miles and maintaining from sitting not being used
  7. vaportrail

    Let's Argue About First-Year Driver Pay and LTL vs. OTR

    you really wanna work 70+hours a week at 55years old screw that...
  8. R

    Appointments in the LTL trucking industry

    What are your thoughts on appointments in the LTL trucking industry? What challenges does this create and what are some possible solutions?
  9. Maria

    Winter Slows FedEx Profit Growth, LTL Business Jumps

    FedEx on Wednesday reported gains in both revenue and profit during its fiscal third quarter ending Feb. 28. Revenue was $11.3 billion, up 3% from $11 billion the same time a year ago, while net income totaled $378 million, up 5% from last year’s $361 million or $1.23 per share compared to...
  10. 8

    Pricing LTL freight

    Anyone have a rule of thumb for pricing LTL freight? I'm stuck in Houston and refuse to take pipe from those S**T holes and Mexican jerkoffs who can't speak a word of English. Ok ok, calm down. Just wondering if any of you have an algorithm for coming up with a rate?
  11. Mike

    JOC Ranks Roadrunner Fastest-Growing LTL

    Roadrunner Transportation was the fastest growing-company among the top 25 less-than-truckload carriers last year, according to the Journal of Commerce. The study, done for JOC by SJ Consulting Group, also showed that the less-than-truckload industry grew 9.1 percent in 2010, as total U.S. LTL...
  12. young33

    Witte Brothers Frozen LTL and Refrigeration

    Hello My boyfriend has now found a company who will take riders and is looking into Witte Brothers out of Troy, MO. Anybody hear anything good about them? He is filling out the application today. Thanks.
  13. Cybergal

    Vitran Posts 2Q Profit On Positive LTL Contribution

    Vitran Posts 2Q Profit On Positive LTL Contribution 9/23/09
  14. Cybergal

    Con-way Caps LTL Rates

    Con-way Caps LTL Rates
  15. Cybergal

    Con-way Freight named Wal-Mart's LTL Carrier of the Year

    Con-way Freight named Wal-Mart's LTL Carrier of the Year
  16. Cybergal

    Parcel shipping/LTL news

    Parcel shipping/LTL news: Stakeholders issue comments on USPS market test for LTL-like services 4/23/09
  17. Cybergal

    Vitran Posts 1Q Loss On Lower Shipments In LTL Segment

    Vitran Posts 1Q Loss On Lower Shipments In LTL Segment 4/22/09
  18. Y

    Loading LTL/TL Freight

    Hey everyone! I am wondering is there a guide to how to load trucks from truckstop, getloaded and more? like some user guide that will explain the pallet sizes, how to double stack, and how to move pallets around if theyre in a default size? please, someone help me out, ill be really thankful...
  19. L

    LTL or TL/container?

    For those that have done both, which do you prefer? I assume that it has alot to do with the company you are leased on with, but does the higher wait time and longer layovers of LTL kill the higher pay advantage you get, as opposed to containers, in which you get paid less and have to deal with...
  20. T

    Rates falling in LTL; truckload "flattish" analyst says

    NEW YORK -- After some gains in the first part of the decade, carriers haven't been able to pass along rate increases as easily over the last couple years and that looks to remain the case in the near future, says a leading New York-based transportation market research firm. More...