1. N

    Fleet Owners & Owner Operators (ATLANTA TO NORTH CAROLINA 426 MILES PAYS $1450!!)

    ATLANTA TO NORTH CAROLINA 426 MILES PAYS $1450!! FLATBED DRIVERS NEEDED ASAP WHO WE ARE; We are a Load Planning, Dispatching, Logistics, and Administrative Service for Owner Operators and Small Fleets. You will find no other service more reliable or professional. We serve Carriers, and...
  2. Prime Carrier Inc


    Prime Carrier Inc is hiring COMPANY DRIVERS!!! Do not allow yourself to waste a time on the road without good pay!!! DON'T WAIT! Call (844) 309 9611 Ext 1000 or 773-544-0117 Click here to APPLY online today BRAND NEW TRUCKS 2017-2019 Volvo VNL 670 or Freightliner Cascadia.Work with FLATBED...
  3. U

    New Here

    Hi there, I'm new to Truckers forum. I'm also new to the trucking community. My name is Todd. I have a 24ft flatbed with a donkey tag-a-long. I move small loads in the state of Colorado. I'm an independent contractor, running my own business is my passion.
  4. C

    Need help with dispatch?!

    Are you an owner operator needing help with dispatch? Give me a call! I have 4 years of experience working with 53’ Dry Vans, Reefers and Flat beds. I can help you find loads to keep you running or if you just need some extra help with paperwork I can do that as well. Book with me and get a...
  5. B

    Flatbed Looking to have hay hauled. Utah to Colorado

    Looking to have hay hauled from Utah to Colorado, about 400 miles. Haven't had any luck on the boards I have tried. Anyone have any suggestions?
  6. Bored Insane

    Anyone want to buy a truck & flatbed trailer?

    I'm willing to give up trucking if someone is willing to take my rig off of me. I have 2012 FL Cascadia DD15 10sp, 125 SLP. It has 437K miles. I also have combo AL and steel air bagged 48' 96" trailer in decent shape. Both for $45K, anyone interested?? @Mike , if this post is inappropriate...
  7. Sinister

    Mercer gots problems...

    Woah. Louisville-based Mercer Transportation denies role in federal bribery scheme
  8. K

    Where are all the owner ops at ? we have freight

    I have the daunting task of being a terminal manager for a smaller group of very experienced Owner ops ranging in expertise from flatbed to Reefer and Covered wagon trailers. I was a dispatcher for the past 10 years and was lucky enough to make a lot of great contacts and friends in the industry...
  9. Bored Insane

    Anyone selling Flatbed tools?

    I'm looking for used, but still good flatbed tools such as 4" straps, Lumber Tarps, 5/16 chains and rachet binders. Let me know if you want to unload your used tools to me. Thanks, BTW, I spec'd out new stuff at Cargo USA and all this stuff came out to over $2K. New feels nice, but I don't...
  10. Bored Insane

    Where to get a good, used flatbed?

    Anyone selling a good flatbed trailer (I prefer Al deck, and no step deck), cheap? My budget is not more than 14K. Please let me know if you know of a good dealer or a seller. Thanks.
  11. Uncle Birchy

    Over Dedicated FlatBedder

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  12. J

    Flatbed division

    I am currently looking for any info about the flatbed division at Celadon. I start orientation here soon and was wondering if anyone has worked there and can give me the pros and cons
  13. B

    Best flatbed company with 0-6 months exp.

    I'm based in the northwest corner of Wyoming looking to get started in flatbed OTR...I have five months dedicated tanker and two months CDL school. The only companies I know of that offer flatbed with little experience are LMC, Western, Prime, and ATS. Any input would be helpful. PS. I...
  14. dillontransport

    Drivers NOT arriving when they say they will

    Over the past couple of weeks, I have had drivers not showing up for deliveries when they say they will. Example - most of the times, the drivers will pickup and say they will be delivering the next morning at 7am or 8am or whatever the designated time. We convey to the driver the importance of...
  15. T

    Flatbed or Reefer???

    Good day! I currently drive for Werner. Been with them almost 4 months. Have overall about 7 months of recent otr experience and 5 yrs with my cdl. Looking to get on with another company, barely making 2k miles a week here which is only $400 to $500 after taxes, etc. Was looking at Knight...
  16. Emily

    Omni Holdings in full operation after acquiring Tennant flatbed assets

    COLONA, Ill. — Omni Holdings, parent company of Omni Specialized is in full operation after acquiring the flatbed assets of Tennant Truck Lines. The newly formed company is now providing general commodity flatbed and over-dimensional, open deck specialized service to customers nationwide...
  17. T

    Question for all you Flatbed drivers/owner ops

    So I am getting closer and closer to buying my first FB. I have decided I am for sure going to get one. I'm not sure if I will keep my van as a spare for the winter or trade it or sell it outright. Either way I am getting a FB. I am narrowing it down to a 48x102 FB. From what I gathered so...
  18. Maria

    DAT Solutions: Flatbed Volume Rises 4 percent

    Special to Land Line There are two seasons in some parts of the country: winter and road construction season. The transition to warmer days has brought an increase in flatbed freight on the spot market, according to DAT Solutions, which operates the OOIDA MembersEdge load board. Flatbed...
  19. Maria

    DAT report: Flatbed rates on the rise

    Special to Land Line Despite an 8.5 percent increase in shipper and broker posts on DAT Solutions’ load board, rates for van, reefer and flatbed declined for the week ending Feb. 27. DAT is reporting optimistic news for flatbed freight. Van rates fell 4 cents to $1.54 for the nationwide...
  20. C

    Flatbeds In IL

    Looking for any owner operators or flatbed companies that are around Marseilles IL. I have a customer that is based out of Marseilles IL and ships out multiple lanes a day. I just recently got into flatbeds so i will need help with pricing and just finding the equipment. Thank you any and...