Will people ever learn to get out and freaking look when backing ?

Electric Chicken

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If a driver can't see whats happening on his blind side while backing, he needs to hoist his lazy ass out of the seat, and endure the extreme suffering of walking 80 or so feet to find out about it before backing into someone else's equipment.
Out of sight, out of mind my friend.
For some reason this is the funniest trucking post I've ever read (and I've read hundreds)...Had a great uncontrollable laugh, thanx guys and gals... Of course it helped put me in the mood that I finally got into my first, and first choice, company today! Haven't been this happy since...since I got my CDL a couple months ago........
BTW, what's a "temporary Brampton sign"? I sort of hope it's not another laugh, but sorta do, cuz I just re-read this stuff and lost it all over again.

Hillbilly Canuck

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The winter olympics kicked off a while back up north but they kicked off down here night before last. It was miserable going all day yesterday. I mostly stuck to the two lanes because on the big roads Brampton is NOT ****ing around this year.

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