1. Sinister

    What’s your company doing?

    What “precautions” is your company and/or customers taking. Tonight Walmart sent out a message that they’ll be taking the temperature of everyone coming and going at the DC gate. They’ve acknowledged it’s going to slow things down and are working on streamlining this. Isn’t that fantastic...
  2. Sinister

    Used Walmart Trucks

    As our (dreaded) 2020 models come in they’re phasing our 15-16 and some older ones out. They go auction usually and not to used lots. In just over 2.5 years here I’ve had very few problems with Walmart trucks and if you’re looking for quality used these are worth considering. Now it’s...
  3. R

    Walmart with Truck Parking

    So I use trucker path to scout out stops and try to find Walmart with truck parking so I can get some shopping done when I'm out for more than a week. More than once trucker path has showed me a Walmart that's supposed to have some truck spots. I show up. ( One example is Fayetteville Georgia)...
  4. M

    Walmart starts imposing new penalties

    Walmart will.impose new penalties if delivering to early , late deliveries, and if the load is not separated on pallets as told to shipper by them. So if you run out of time on your logs due to sercom stances beyond your control co will get a fine. The sorting of pallets I AAM sure that will be...
  5. Mike

    WalMart Warns Truckers It Will No Longer Work With Them If They Move Goods For Amazon

    In a note this morning from Deutsche Bank's freight and logistics analyst Amit Mehrotra, he notes that the "WMT vs. AMZN battle is heating up" and points to a report by DV Velocity, according to which a well respected transportation industry consultant told attendees of a logistics conference...
  6. Uncle Birchy

    Redneck Door Latch...Cheap Walmart Duck Tape

    Saw this gem parked on the street... On the otherside it had a "doughnut"for a wheel
  7. Tazz

    Walmart Wins Green Fleet Award

    Green Fleet of the Year: Walmart Rosser, who has over 30 years of experience in trucking, makes it a practice to ride in a randomly chosen truck once every quarter. Recently, he was in a tractor pulling a full load up a steep grade outside Coleman, AL, and it didn’t sound to him like the...
  8. E

    Took me an hour to bump the dock at walmart for no reason, am I screwed?

    TLDR:will walkmart DC call my company to complain I took too long to back into a spot? I got it into the spot in 5 min flat, because I had all the room in the world but for some reason I kept bumping at a slight angle, one side bumber would be about 6 inches off at an angle. So it ended up...
  9. GAnthony

    Jerk Walmart

    How can they be so cruel to an 88 year old man..???? 88-year-old Walmart greeter fired after wild turkey wanders into store maybe it's time Walmart re-evaluated how they treat thier elder employee's....
  10. GAnthony

    Walmart doomed.....

    Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway just sold off $900 million of Walmart stock, choosing to invest billions in airline stocks instead. Since the end of 2014, Walmart shares have fallen 21% compared with a 119% jump in Amazon. Warren Buffett just dropped Walmart and signaled the death of...
  11. Tazz

    Judge denies claim for additional 80 million in Walmart suit

    A federal judge on Wednesday refused to force Wal-Mart to pay $80 million in penalties in a lawsuit alleging the retail giant failed to pay hundreds of truck drivers in California the minimum wage for certain tasks. Wal-Mart acted in good faith when paying the drivers and had reason to believe...
  12. GAnthony

    Walmart's trailer

    most likely, a contractor, (or driver from Crete) by the story.... falls out of his truck, drunk as all hell..... VIDEO: Drunk semi driver falls out of truck, blocks traffic on Minnesota highway still a great job of Crete...... still all the general public see'
  13. Maria

    Walmart's Mike White takes grand trophy at national truck driving championship

    INDIANAPOLIS — Mike White has been named the Bendix Grand Champion of the 2016 National Truck Driving Championships in Indianapolis. “After an impressive showing throughout the week, Mike White emerged as the most skilled and knowledgeable truck driver in the country,” said ATA President and...
  14. mndriver

    Walmart DC 's

    What gives with the recent detention abuse. Seems real bad the past couple months compared to winter.
  15. Tazz

    Walmart employees and carrying weapons at work, or something like that

    Ferguson had worked for Walmart for about a year and at the Lawrenceville Highway store for seven months, his wife, Tiana, said Monday. He wanted to be a police officer. But in the meantime, Ferguson was working as a security guard to support his family, including his 1-year-old son, Jordan, and...
  16. Uncle Birchy

    Another Walmart "BACKING" Fatality

    FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) An employee of the Maysville Road Walmart was killed early Monday after he was run over by a semi trailer delivering goods to the superstore. Emergency crews were called around 8 a.m. to the Walmart store at 10420 Maysville Road where a body was found laying in the...
  17. Uncle Jon

    Any Walmart, Anywhere

    I always thought they should swap the greeters and the receivers at Wally World. The truckers would get a polite, Hello! Welcome to Walmart! Can I help you? The customer would get WTF are you doing here?! We close at 2:30, come back tomorrow...
  18. AK7

    US 75 Tulsa, OK: Walmart Truck trucks hit with gunfire

    More Trucks Shot On Highway 75 In Tulsa County - Sure hope they catch these a holes.
  19. GAnthony

    Walmart closing stores

    looks like some Walmart drivers could be affected as well, if no stores to deliver to...........?? Sam's Club to close its 3 Southern New England stores and this...oh boy...... Wal-Mart pulls plug on smallest stores, shuts 269 locations i sure do hope some Walmart drivers start getting...
  20. patriciajnsn

    Cheap Walmart Bags

    The batch of bags they ordered this time was literally tissue thin.I triple sacked everything and it still wasn't good enough.As im walking to the house the handle ripped and ruined a dozen eggs and the bottom seamed on another bag split open.Of course I went back to Walmart and got another...

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