1. T

    Transition from Trucking To Technology

    Hey folks, I've been driving for over 20 years and, honestly, I'm tired. I've been missing my kids grow up and all the fun stuff at the house, but I've always made good money. Anyway, I'm looking at transitioning into the technology career, and I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas. I am...
  2. K

    Good companies that offer OTJ training?

    Hello, Can anyone lead me into the right direction of some companies that offer OTJ paid training? I have read about CR England does this but also have read horror stories. I would like to do OTR or at least regional and wouldn't mind going out with someone at first for a few to learn. Any...
  3. Emily

    California Legislature advances new CDL training requirements

    A bill nearing completion in the California Legislature is intended to improve safety on the state’s roadways by implementing new federal commercial driver regulations. Additional truck driver safety requirements would also be added. The Assembly Transportation Committee voted unanimously to...
  4. Maria

    Manitoba Trucking Association seeks new home for driver training program

    The conclusion of a long-running pilot program that paid the tuition of students interested in pursuing a career in trucking has left the Manitoba Trucking Association exploring options for bringing the program back in some other form. Terry Shaw, executive director of the Manitoba Trucking...
  5. Getfit Tommy

    Training Wheels.....

  6. Maria

    California Senate endorses new CDL training requirements

    A bill halfway through the California Legislature is intended to improve safety on the state’s roadways by implementing new federal commercial driver regulations. Additional truck driver safety requirements would also be included. The Senate voted unanimously last week to advance a bill to the...
  7. Maria

    OOIDA offers online training for FDA rule

    In response to the Food and Drug Administration’s rule on the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association will offer an online training course. OOIDA’s online course meets all of the training requirements for the rule. Launching...
  8. Maria

    Driver training: Final rule effective date delayed until May 22

    In accordance with the White House’s regulatory freeze, the effective date of the final rule titled “Minimum Training Requirements for Entry-Level Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators” is being further delayed until May 22, 2017. This action is being taken by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety...
  9. M

    Anyone here get cdl training through pam transport?

    I'm thinking about getting my cdl training through pam transport. Anyone have any experience with them and want to share? I'm new here btw. Thanks!
  10. J

    OTJ training

    Any drivers in the Wisconsin area have an opinion on companies the two main ones in my area are Millis and Roehl(sp?) I've heard mixed reviews on both. Anybody have an opinion on those two or even a different suggestion for someone trying to go through a CDL A paid training program???
  11. Maria

    California bill would revise CDL training requirements

    A California state lawmaker is pursuing a rule change that is intended to improve safety on the state’s roadways by implementing new federal commercial driver regulations. Additional truck driver safety requirements would also be added. Sen. Bill Monning, D-Carmel, is the sponsor of a bill to...
  12. HeavenSent

    Ugh my training experience is not going well....

    Some back story. I started trucking school about a month ago at the swift academy. Spent 3 weeks there, the tuesday before last i started the 3 day orientation with swift. Then friday i was assigned to my mentor to do the 200 behind the wheel hours. Well the guy i got stuck with didnt know ****...
  13. gwymgw

    Which training company to choose?

    Assuming pay, lanes, type of work, benefits, etc. all roughly being equal, which of these Ontario companies would be the best choice for a rookie driver; Hyndman, Erb, Kriska, Highlight, or Transpro? Any help appreciated.
  14. Maria

    Driver training rule effective date delayed

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration delayed the entry-level driver training regulation effective date to March 21 in response to President Donald Trump’s regulatory freeze. FMCSA complied with the directive issued on Jan. 20 with a notice that will publish in the Federal Register...
  15. R


    Hey y'all, How is everyone? Been busy with training. The weather here was crappy. It snowed all day but they still let us drive the trucks out on the road. I have ridden in a lot of trucks but this 579 Pete rides like a dream. I was amazed that they let us drive today. Looking forward to...
  16. F

    Need help compiling a Dispatcher Training Manual

    Hi all, I am compiling a dispatcher training manual which is more "practical" than theory based. Based on your collective experiences: 1. What area do you feel dispatchers need most training on? 2. How can dispatchers provide more value-added services to you other than searching for loads...
  17. Maria

    FMCSA opts for proficiency-based driver training requirement

    For the first time ever, men and women who want to become truck drivers will first have to successfully complete driver training – albeit without any set time behind the wheel – before getting their CDLs. The rule is effective starting in 2020. It was 30-plus years in the making, but a driver...
  18. Maria

    Driver training tops shared priority of OOIDA Board, FMCSA administrator

    By Jami Jones, Land Line managing editor GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. – In an informal lunch gathering at the headquarters of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, a group of OOIDA Board Members and the administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration quickly found a shared...
  19. SkidMark

    Prime Inc CDL training

    hello, I'm considering the Springfield Missouri prime CDL program. Can anyone tell me if its a good program and also if the pay is decent once you get on the road with the trainer? I'm considering flatbed or tanker.
  20. T

    The future for training drivers and entertainment

    My son got the Samsung Gear VR the other day and let me check it out. I would expect this to replace my TV and my DVD player in my truck. I would also bet money that companies will use this to train new drivers in the future. Gear VR | Samsung US I would also bet money this will change...