1. W

    Trainer Pay

    What is the highest paying company (OTR) out there that pays 100K+ for a "Driver Trainer"? Not as a Lease operator but a company driver... getting newbies and run as a team after the initial first week. I heard 100K is easy to get as a driver trainer. True??
  2. Maria

    Suspect accused of stabbing driver trainer held on $1 million bond

    A truck driver trainee accused of fatally stabbing his driver trainer is being held on $1 million bond on charges of first-degree murder. The suspect, Stanley Polk, 46, of Las Vegas, Nev., was arraigned in Bell County, Texas. Polk is accused of fatally stabbing his driver trainer, Ronald Ruiz...
  3. SpringBaby

    Left on side of road by "trainer"

    Went to work for a small company. Red flags popped out everywhere in New Mexico when DOT stopped us. Long story short the driver left me at a pilot in the middle of nowhere. I called the police and they say no crime was committed even tho he left with all my important stuff in the truck. Called...
  4. Maria

    U.S. lawmakers call out medical trainers for pushing apnea tests for truckers

    By David Tanner, Land Line senior editor Some organizations that train certified medical examiners are skirting the law by telling examiners to test truckers for sleep apnea, a pair of U.S. representatives stated in a letter to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on Thursday, Oct...
  5. EchoR

    What to Expect from a Trainer?

    I'm a little concerned now about being in a truck with a trainer.... how do I know he's not a psycho? People find me off-putting beacause while I'm polite and considerate, I am also reserved and not chatty. I'm there to learn and work not make friends. I would prefer to do most of the driving...
  6. T

    Trainers or School?

    Hello all, I recently quit a job after 7 years. A major corporation, manufacturing, 12 hour night shift. I just got fed up with the situation I was in, same people, same job, etc.... I want to go trucking! I can afford the local truck driving school. But I had a guy tell me that it would be...
  7. Tazz

    Bad way to wake up your trainer

    I won't say the company but they are Misery based out of Springfield. Driver out and OK. Trainer taken to hospital. I-24 Ex 81A in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Just way too fast on the exit ramp..
  8. Spartan718

    Been waiting for 5 days for a trainer at Roehl

    Really frustrated by this never ending delay. Apparently they have a shortage of trainers, but I don't understand why, every Tue they have guys that need trainers it is not a surprise. I thought I would have been out of here at least 4 days ago. I am now getting homesick because of it, I have...
  9. D

    Swift Driver/trainers

    Are there any SWIFT trans driver/trainers here that live in the Austin,Tx area?I am headed to swift orientation next week and was just wondering about the chances of getting a trainer from this area so that when he takes hometime ' it wouldn't be so much of a big deal and better than sitting in...
  10. L

    Looking for an honest, intelligent trainer

    Hello everyone. I'm one of those 'long-term unemployed' you may have heard about, but my story's a bit different. 8 1/2 years ago, my wife and I fled the suburbs of Chicago to 20 vacant acres in SW Missouri. We built our house by ourselves (mostly) and I intended to go back to work (as a...
  11. Maria

    KRTS, Old Republic to host two-day train-the-trainer course

    CALEDONIA, Ont. -- KRTS Transportation Specialists and Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada will be hosting a two-day train-the-trainer course at KRTS headquarters in Caledonia next month. This Certified Driver Trainer course, provided by the North American Transportation Management...
  12. Road Dust

    Interview With A Female Truck Driver Trainer ~ Part Two
  13. Road Dust

    Interview With A Female Truck Driver Trainer
  14. DangerousDan

    Drunk driver trainer,how do U get this outfit nailed?

    John Davis trucking , Battle Mountain,NV, got sent out the 1 st. night with this idiot, he's still hammered from the daytime, shows up at 2:00 am,glassy eyed and smellin',nobody at davis said anything to this guy cause he was a old timer that could do no wrong.We ran dbl,dbl,sidedumps,105'...
  15. C

    Driver trainer question

    My husband and I are almost done with TDS. Company we are considering has eight week training. Each of us out with our own driver trainer. I'm assuming I will have a male trainer and I was wanting to know what to expect and not from a trainer? Also, I have to lift 90# for a test, any advice...
  16. G

    Trainers: How many students last a year?

    Just curious. They are still hiring newbies and am wondering if they are shooting themselves in the foot, due to accidents, late loads, abandonment, etc. Others can reply, not just trainers. It's just that IMHO they might have a better idea based on experience and not just truckstop talk.
  17. T

    Trainer from Hell!

    Excuse Me! Is the first week with a trainer suppose to be like boot camp? Is verbal abuse and belittling the newbie part of the training? I'm just curious. Wouldn't it contribute to a positive training experience not to mention "Safety" on the road, if some encouragement and patience from the...
  18. K

    Beware Kllm Trainer at Portage Terminal

    Kllm trainers are just money diggers. Trainees are referred to as money makers. I personally experience this first hand after attending orientation and going on the road with a trainer. My trainer was a jerk. Her favorite word was calling everyone a idiot when really the shoe is on the other...
  19. G

    drver trainee abandon driver trainer

    was trainee wrong to ask trainer to let him drive because trainer exhaustion and all over the road it a gator.
  20. N

    Class a cdl...lookin for a trainer

    I have class A cdls but havent had any otr driving experience, just was wondering if anyone could tell me if they know of a company that would train me and put me on the road? ive done contruction for many years and desided that i needed to make a lil more money and figured this was the way to...