1. S

    Skipping Weight Station

    Hi, a new truck driver here. Just wondering if anyone knows of rules and regulations how a weight station should be signposted? A friend of mine got a ticket in New Mexico just a few days ago for skipping a weight station, although he didn't have a reason to skip. He claims the weight station...
  2. Usmcauley

    ATS to get into OD

    I posted in a general forum before about OD companies. I have been driving van/reefer for the past year and a half. I want to get into flat bedding, and ultimately haul some ridiculous huge crap around the country. That being said, is ATS a good outfit to start from the bottom of the flat...
  3. Usmcauley

    Flatbed companies

    I've been driving a mix of van and reefer for the past 1.5 years. I want to get into flatbedding. I don't just want flatbed though I want to do OD. What are some good companies that you would suggest, and what companies would you avoid?
  4. D

    Over 10,000 lb Declared Gross Veh. Weight Grace?

    If a box truck has a 'Declared Gross Veh. Weight' (form 4008) of under 10,000 lbs, what amount over 10,000 should I expect the Calif. Hwy Patrol scales to write me a ticket? My eyes have glassed over researching this and the Motor Carrier Permit regulations. I find Ca. Veh. code 4000.6(d)...