1. S

    Newbie here looking for help for friend who wants to get his own truck and work for himself

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to get some honest info on what the best way to get started as an owner operator business for my friend. He has been working for a delivery company and unloads cases all day as well as drives..he does well but hes at a point where its too taxing on his body and is...
  2. LRod

    Standard agreement for O/O

    I am trying to help a new company, recruit some O/Os. They are not paying anything out of the ordinary that would make a trucker WANT to go work for them that I can see. they pay 75% (driver pays fuel with their fuel card for discount, and they pay 1/2 of the insurance) their 25% pays for other...
  3. Danys187

    Newbie Here

    Hello everyone, I am Danys (pronounced Denise). I am here bc I am looking to expand my services. I am a Contract Specialist & I take the hassle out of printing, filling out, & returning New Carrier Packets for Independent truckers/carriers for $30 per contract. I am not a truck driver, however...
  4. Dean Pierce

    Companies that hire newbie with a felony.

    Hello, I will get straight to the point. I just graduated Truck Driving school and I am trying to market myself. I have some obstacles I'm trying to overcome and 1 is a felony that is almost 4 years old. If there are any recruiters or people out there that can steer me in the right direction I...
  5. G

    newbie trying to get in industry.

    Hey guys. Im 21 yrs old. My father is a owner operator. Which is were i got the interest to be a trucker. I have gone to 2 schools to get cdl training. Spent 2k already. First one was a 20hr program but wouldnt teach me much. Second place was a rental place who charged me $600 to practice 6 hrs...