1. T

    Inframe and Out of Frame Engine Machining

    Rutts Machine Inc. is in Elizabethtown, PA. I do inframe engine machining on any engine. (Detroit, Cummins, Cat, Mack, Paccar, Etc) I will travel anywhere to do this. Examples of places, that I have been (Bismarck, ND,/ Green Bay Wisconsin/Edmonton, Alberta/Long Island, NY/ Minot, ND/ Mobile...
  2. Rigjockey

    Anyone know why they call Quarter pounder a burger royal in Canada?

    Do you know why? they call a Quarter pounder a burger royal in Canada?
  3. N

    1994 Mack Blink Code 3-3

    I have a 1994 Mack, with a V-Mac I system in it, every once in a while it will give me a hiccup when its running, put your foot in the throttle and it goes away. If you get it up to 1700-1800 rpm it will set a check engine light. Check the blink code and its a 3-3 injection pump rpm (engine...
  4. D

    Truckers tattoos and how proud are you of your rig?

    Hi there! I have 45 years experience drawing trucks of all sorts. Now I do tattoos. Looking for some new canvas to do some truck tattoos on, so I can get more pics of the same in my portfolio. Can do anything I can get a picture of. Will certainly work with the right person. How proud are you of...