1. 4

    New ISX Holy Crap

    Freightliner dealer said I spun a bearing and second one started to spin. Needs new motor and mine is no good for core even. $46,000, Holy Crap Im sure glad I like what I do. LOL
  2. Jay bird 8125

    Cummins ISX starts then shuts off and won't restart

    I have been having intermittent problems and can't seem to find what is going on. I have a 2001 ISX 565 that after running for a while I shut it down do what I have to do and go to restart it, it will start fine and then sound like it runs out of fuel and will not restart. (To restart I have to...
  3. 4

    Not a good day. ISX failure

    My 2012 Cascadia with an ISX just started tapping yesterday. By the time I got it shut down it was a little worse. Got it towed to Freightliner shop in Nashville only to hear tech say its not good. Either gears in front of motor or #1-2 piston issue. Motor only has 326,000 but was told by first...
  4. philliproderick

    2012 isx15 oil leak

    Oil leaks after I shut down, left front. Blow by tube is above this location but doesnt seem to be coming from there.
  5. H

    Cummins ISX15 CM2350 FC 5868

    I keep getting fault code 5868 in my ISX. I've had it in the shop 3 times and keep getting it. Does anybody know what causes it or how to fix it?
  6. M

    Isx fault code3582

    Keep getting this code on my 2012 cummins isx anyone have this issue
  7. ajala

    Cummins isx low oil pressure

    Cummins isx oil pressure drops to 10 psi after climbing a hill, any ideas???
  8. b1gr1g

    low boost problems on isx 15 liter 2013 pete 388

    so normally i am getting 38 to 40 pounds of boost now i am down to 30 max the turbo is around year and a half old but the actuator is original my question is can fuel filters bein gummed up cause me to loose almost 10 pounds of boost only code that was active was water in fuel nothin else showed up
  9. ajala

    Cummins isx low oil pressure

    Got an 06 Cummins isx, change oil n filter and now oil pressure drops to 10 psi with a cackling noise, using a different oil and filter
  10. Killbilly

    Cummins ISX help needed

    Hi everyone, I have a 2010 KW w900l with an 09 cummins isx 450st, the truck is new to me so pardon my lack of knowledge of the engine. what I do know is that I bought the truck with a cummins isx that threw a rod through both sides of the block. I replaced it with a 09 cummins isx that only had...
  11. revmup

    cummins isx question

    on the right side of the block, just above the oil pan and towards the rear of the block behind the oil filter is an oval shaped plate with 2 bolts and a gasket. Is there oil or coolant behind this plate?
  12. T

    Isx15 glowing exhaust manifold.

    Hello all, new to this forum. I've joined to have a question answered. I drive a 2015 Volvo with a isx15 set to 560hp and a 18 speed with 300k Kms. Two nights ago I had a max load(63,500Kg) and was pulling a %10 hill, towards the top I noticed it was smelling like I was doing a parked regen...
  13. M

    Isx Cummins vs volvo d12

    Hello, I'm getting ready to buy a volvo truck for long distance driving. I've heard horror stories about d12 engines, but I found a 2001 volvo 770 d12 engine with 400k miles. The rig is very clean with brand new tires and very well maintained. The truck is $12k. Second, I found a 2004 volvo...
  14. B

    Isx jake brake adjustment

    I ran an overhead on my truck and set valves and jakes to spec, but, the jake still seems weak compared to another ISX I had back in 04. This motor is an 02 that has had the ECM flashed and is putting out around 525HP... Any ideas?
  15. K

    Cummins isx coolant leak

    Hi, I have a cummins isx 475 in an 06 kW t800 that only leaks coolant when the temperature is below freezing. I have isolated the leak to the connection between water pump and coolant filter housing/manifold on rh front side of engine. I have removed pump and replaced o ring, didn't help. I'm...
  16. M

    ISX550 Cummins

    Engine fan will come on periodically, engine temp is normal. AC is off because it's winter. Defrost is also off, seems like the fan just comes on , also seems to come on when I hit a bump..... Any suggestions?
  17. R

    Alberta T800B MPG

    Anyone in Alberta that has an ISX565? I mostly haul gravel, so I am usually grossing 46500 kg (100000lbs) and with the hills in the Calgary area I am lucky to get 4.5mpg. Even when I am hauling lighter stuff I have never seen 5 mpg. Is this normal? I understand I'm not going to get high mileage...
  18. R

    cummins isx 530 dipstick wrong?

    Hello, I recently bought a 2007 t-800 with a 530 cummins in it. Yesterday I changed the oil and after filling it with 14 gallons of oil, the dipstick showed it was over full by about an inch on the stick ! Now I don't know if I should trust the stick and drain 3 or 4 gallons out or do I just...
  19. Mike Porter

    There's no Clicking sound when keys turned on ISX Cummins

    When I turn key on my international 9400i with ISX Cummins there's no clicking sounds and won't start
  20. R

    cummins isx problem

    I have an 08 pete cummins isx. It shuts down and when I start to get off road it starts up again. The only codes showing are tp sensor voltage high or shorted. Took it to shop they replaced the sensor still dying on me.HELP

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