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  1. WrastlinWombat_10_4

    NASTC Fuel Card

    Does anyone have any info on the NASTC fuel card? I've been going a long time without a fuel card and been thinking about this one since so many people I run in to have it. What are the pros and cons? Are there monthly fees? I heard theres a class you need to take. Whats that all about?
  2. J

    Source for fuel/DEF prices and locations

    Hi all, I operate a small truck stop in Texas and we begin selling DEF in the next month or two. However, I am having trouble coming up with with ways to advertise our offering other than signage/gasbuddy/google. Are there any other sites that drivers commonly use to find DEF locations and...
  3. Mike

    Beware the false Pilot/Flying J Fuel Prices - App is not accurate

    Driving across Nebraska today, looking for a spot to fuel before I got into Colorado. Fuel showed 2.75 . Approaching fuel stop, sign says $2.90. Kept driving. Before getting to 76 to cut down in Colorado, I checked Sapp Bros and T/A. Both 2.55 NASTC price. Pilot showed 2.74, and we get a 22 cent...
  4. Mike

    Fuel prices spiking drastically at midnight tonight 6/12/2014

    Passing on some information from my company. We are being advised to fill up the tanks by midnight tonight. Due to market fluctuations, the price of fuel is expected to make a large increase. If you haven't already stopped for the night, might be a good idea to top off the fuel tanks.
  5. cajuntrucker59

    States with Cheapest Fuel Prices

    States with the cheapest gas | Home - Automotive
  6. Rigjockey

    Fuel prices

    Fuel prices are on the rise . If you can post the price of fuel in your area or your current location or where you fueled last.
  7. ironmanwife

    Fuel prices..

    I was expecting a thread "complaining" about the higher fuel prices..Nada..I guess we are used to it by now? The cook the frog slowly theroy must work after all...:toothpick:
  8. Mike

    United States Taps Oil Reserves In Attempt To Lower Fuel Prices

    Fuel demand in the summer usually guarantees a jump in prices at the pump. But this year, the White House is releasing 30 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in an effort to meet demand and keep prices down. U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the maneuver on Thursday...
  9. Maria

    Fuel prices will continue to soar, says oil analyst

    ATLANTA — The dreaded milestone that consumers have been hoping to avoid going into this summer may be coming faster than anyone thought: Gas prices could soar to over $4 a gallon nationwide within the coming week, according to a Yahoo! Finance interview with Tom Kloza, chief analyst at the Oil...
  10. Maria

    Truck drivers focus on ways to lower fuel prices

    Professional truck drivers aren’t just talking about the rising cost of fuel these days. They’re taking steps to do something about it. OOIDA leadership along with Washington, DC, staff and the Association’s Board of Directors recently drafted a set of driver-focused principles to address high...
  11. snowflake

    Used-Truck Market Continues to Gain Despite Rising Fuel Prices

    While rising fuel prices have caused some concern in the light-truck and car markets, they have yet to make a big impact on heavy- and medium-duty trucking, says Chris Visser, senior analyst with the ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guide, in an interview with NADA-TV's news program...
  12. snowflake

    High Fuel Prices Expected For Summer, But Oil Could Tumble

    The Energy Information Administration predicts high fuel prices this summer, but recent price increases may be substantially due to speculation. Crude oil prices hit a 30-month high on Monday at $113.36, but have slipped back to $106.22 after Goldman Sachs fingered speculators on recent...
  13. Maria

    Renewed interest in natural gas as fuel prices soar

    When fuel prices soared to above $5 per gallon three years ago, Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens unveiled his plan aimed at curbing the country’s dependence on foreign oil by switching to liquefied natural gas as an alternative fuel source. Later, when fuel prices dropped, so did momentum for...
  14. Cybergal

    Fuel Prices Are Not A Bargain To Those Who Must Pay For It -

    Fuel Prices Are Not A Bargain To Those Who Must Pay For It - Just Talk to Shippers, Truckers & Conusmers
  15. Cybergal

    ATA offers suggestions to mitigate dramatic spikes in fuel prices

    ATA offers suggestions to mitigate dramatic spikes in fuel prices
  16. Mike

    Mexico Truckers Going On Strike Due To Diesel Fuel Prices

    MEXICO CITY -- Representatives of at least 500,000 bus and truck operators in Mexico from some 50 associations announced Friday a 24-hour strike on Monday to demand a reduction and freezing of the price of diesel this year. The representative of the National Confederation of Urban and Suburban...
  17. Mike

    Diesel Fuel Prices Drop 10 Cents to $2.51 Nationwide

    The national average price for diesel continues to drop as the Energy Information Administration is reporting another 10-cent drop to $2.515 per gallon on Monday, Dec. 8. The EIA also reports that diesel is down at least 81 cents from this same week in 2007. East Coast: $2.638 New...
  18. Mike

    Economic weakness stalls truckers despite the drop in fuel prices

    The independent trucker took a sip of tea and explained there is something far worse than paying record-high fuel prices — having cheaper fuel but nothing to haul. “Diesel could be 25 cents a gallon, but if there is no freight it might as well be $250,” McLaughlin groused. That, in a nutshell...
  19. Mike

    Diesel Fuel Prices Drop 13.5 Cents to $2.809

    All nine regions are again reporting decreases in fuel prices with only two regions still reporting fuel averages above the $3 range. The Gulf Coast region is reporting the lowest price for fuel at $2.75 per gallon, while the highest diesel prices are again being reported in the New England...
  20. Mike

    Diesel Fuel Prices Continue To Drop - 11/03/08

    The average price of on-road diesel dropped in all regions of the country this past week, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. With a nationwide average price of $3.088 reported on Monday, Nov. 3, the largest single region drop was reported in the Midwest, where the price...