fuel economy

  1. L

    Fuel Economy Emissions and fuel economy

    I wonder if the people writing the regulations at the EPA ever considered that particulate emissions contribute to "mirror top" clouds that reflect some sunlight back into space, basically cooling the planet at a time when greenhouse gasses are supposedly overheating it. In a sense, some diesel...
  2. Mike

    Fuel Economy Tracking Fuel Economy - Fitzgerald Glider, 2015 T660, 13 speed, 3.42 rear axle ratio

    Engine built by Fitzgerald, not a factory reman. I started tracking the fuel economy in this truck when it was brand new, my goal at the time was to focus on fuel economy and get the truck up to 9mpg. I managed to track it the first 40k, and had an average of 7.41. This was with no real...
  3. Mammoth Transport

    Driving for economy 12.7

    i have a 12.7 Detroit with a EF 13 speed. 24.5 low pro. At 62mph tachometer reads 1650 rpm. How does one drive this truck for economy at 80gross.
  4. L

    Poor fuel mileage

    I have an 07 9400i. Isx cummins 475 turned up to 565 hp. I've noticed a drop in mileage (now down to 4.8 mpg). I am running local with 2-3 stops daily with some stop and go traffic. Any thoughts on what to check?
  5. Maria

    OOIDA: Consumers, not mandates, should shape future of fuel economy, emissions

    By Jami Jones, Land Line managing editor While saving fuel and reducing polluting emissions is commendable, the proposed regulation to further reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions is pushing too far, too hard and too fast, according to comments filed by the Owner-Operator...
  6. Maria

    Comment period extended on proposed truck emissions, fuel economy reg

    By David Tanner, Land Line senior editor Responding directly to a request and concerns aired by OOIDA and others including some manufacturers, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have agreed to extend through Oct. 1 the agencies’ comment...
  7. Maria

    How to comment on federal proposal for truck emissions, fuel economy

    By David Tanner, Land Line senior editor Tuesday, Aug. 18, marks the second of two scheduled public hearings on a proposal by two federal agencies to increase fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in heavy-duty commercial trucks. OOIDA is urging truckers to make comments on the...
  8. Mike

    What Fuel Economy is Your F150 Getting?

    What are you getting? My 2005 F150 4x4 has a 4.6L and gets 19-20 Wifes 2011 Expedition has a 5.4L and it is getting 19 as well.
  9. R

    What are some of the fuel economy improvements you've made to your engine?

    I just came across this interesting sidebar in the July 2014 issue of Commercial Carrier Journal where a Yokohama Tire exec breaks down fuel efficiency. For every dollar spent on fuel: - 60 percent is wasted by engine inefficiency - 21 percent is wasted by aerodynamic drag o 50 percent is...
  10. 8

    What gear and speed do you get your best fuel economy?

    This may sound strange but with my straight ten my best fuel mileage is in 9th at 57mph.
  11. mndriver

    fuel economy is a measure of efficiency, additives are snake oil

    Fuel economy is a measure of efficiency. Efficiency of the engine to convert chemical energy into mechanical motion by performing work. A typical engine is only about 78% efficient. http://www.ehow.com/about_5089284_volumetric-efficiency.html Modern diesels moved to improve efficiency by...
  12. Combatdriver69

    Clean Boost Maxx for improved fuel economy

    Try using clean Boost Maxx Call talk to Chuck Rice (214) 366-2711 W (214) 316-2453 M I've been using for 14 months now my MPG's are 11% higher than before using it my overall all is 8.1 and high 8's-mid 9's in summer average load 35K
  13. mndriver

    Fuel Economy Series 60 Fuel Mileage battle.....

    I bought my truck in July 2012. Pretty much been battling a fuel mileage issue since then. 07 Century, 14L EGR Series 60, 13 spd, 3.42 Meritor 14X rearends. Mind you, my mileage isn't horrible, it's 6.2 mpg for an annual average. All miles actual and all fuel counted for the year. My issues...
  14. Maria

    Follow-up: Reactions to fuel economy and emissions mandate for trucks

    By David Tanner, Land Line associate editor As the reactions show, everyone in trucking, shipping and manufacturing has something to say about fuel economy, specifically the call by President Obama for heavy-truck manufacturers to use technology to reduce fuel consumption and lower greenhouse...
  15. Maria

    Obama outlines next stage of fuel economy, GHG standards for heavy-duty trucks

    President Barack Obama today outlined the next stage of fuel economy and greenhouse gas (GHG) standards for heavy-duty trucks, calling on OEMs to partner in supporting “innovation for the next generation of trucks” in what the administration said would save an estimated $50 billion in fuel and...
  16. Maria

    Cost of equipment still a sticking point in new fuel economy mandate, OOIDA says

    By David Tanner, Land Line associate editor Everyone is concerned about fuel efficiency for their vehicles and their bottom lines, but a new mandate from the White House could put the cost of new equipment out of reach for many of America’s hard-working truckers, OOIDA said Tuesday. President...
  17. Maria

    White House targets trucks for fuel economy, natural gas

    By David Tanner, Land Line associate editor Truckers waiting for the fallout from the first round of EPA fuel-economy standards for heavy trucks that got underway this year are concerned about the increasing cost of equipment. In his State of the Union address Wednesday, President Obama added...
  18. Mike

    Scangauge to monitor engine performance and fuel economy

    I am planning on buying a Scangauge in a couple weeks or so, and once I see how useful it is, I may see about getting another one as a contest prize.
  19. D

    Fuel Economy fuel economy - classic vs. aerodynamic trucks

    Prudent business oversight includes monitoring fuel consumption constantly as this is one cost associated with the performance of each truck that indicates issues to more than just the bottom line. A drop in MPG can indicate numerous items that need to be checked and re-checked; 1. Engine...
  20. Mike

    Anybody using fuelgauges or otherwise closely monitoring fuel mileage?

    I finally signed up for an account on fuelgauges.com a week or two ago, but have yet to enter any information. About the time I decided to do this, I found myself booking loads very tightly because I needed to be home for some things, and driving slower kind of went out the window. Figuring on...