drug test

  1. S

    Losing CdL's over a drug test? once have the job...Randoms

    Hey i'm told that if you get a failed drug test while working for a company they report this? then your Cdl's are taken from you right? Until you do a 6 month course and therapy etc right? But if you fail a drug test before hired.. the pre employment one that all this does not happen? I'm...
  2. Maria

    Michigan's pilot roadside drug testing program still on hold

    A one-year pilot program in Michigan that will allow specifically trained officers to give roadside saliva tests to drivers suspected of being under the influence of such drugs as marijuana, cocaine and heroin remains on hold. The legislation took effect in Michigan in September 2016, but...
  3. quillcom

    Very random drug testing!

    Just snapped this today. So imagine stopping at a light, these guys pull up next to you ordering you to take a random drug test. Are we coming to this?
  4. T

    Drug test dilemna - not sure what to do.

    I failed a drug screen at my driving school because of a prescribed medication. My Doc gave them a letter that my medication can create a false positive, and they were fine with that, end of story... Or so I thought. (FYI: I took a real DOT hair/urine test a month later and passed that with...
  5. Maria

    DOT proposes adding four opioids to drug testing panel

    The Department of Transportation is proposing a rule that would add four opioids to its drug testing panel. In a notice of proposed rulemaking published in the Federal Register on Jan. 23, the DOT is considering amending its drug testing program regulation to include testing for hydrocodone...
  6. O

    Discovering a Non-DOT drug test failure during orientation

    How likely is it a prospective trucking employer will find out about a failed, random NON-DOT drug test during orientation? I know it will not show up on my DAC because I was not a driver at the time. I was employed offshore as a contractor. But I am concerned how it will come out via a...
  7. Maria

    Roadside drug testing coming soon to Michigan

    By Mark Schremmer, Land Line staff writer Roadside drug testing will soon be a reality for five counties in Michigan. A recent law in Michigan allowed the creation of a one-year pilot program that will allow specifically trained officers to give saliva tests to drivers suspected of being under...
  8. Emily

    FMCSA bans Texas drug tester for submitting false tests

    By Tyson Fisher, Land Line staff writer Approximately one year after the owner of a drug testing company agreed to punishment for falsifying tests, the U.S. Department of Transportation has banned him for three years, according to a DOT press release. In July, Andy Garr, owner of Compliance...
  9. Maria

    Michigan roadside drug testing months away

    By Keith Goble, Land Line state legislative editor In the wake of a fatal wreck, a new Michigan law creates a one-year pilot program to allow specially trained officers to give saliva tests to drivers suspected of being under the influence of drugs such as marijuana, heroin and cocaine. The...
  10. R

    Frito Lay drug test for driving position

    What kind of drug test does Frito Lay use for driving positions? Urine, blood, hair
  11. J

    Drug Testing Records

    After family problems and having my kids taken by the ex,...I smoked with an acquaintance and of course got caught on a random test. I lost my business, my truck, my career along with my family. That was all 8 years ago. It was only a test at a testing facility...nothing criminal, meaning no...
  12. mndriver

    drug testing exclusion for 5 years..

    got this in the email today. Notice of Public Interest Exclusion (PIE)
  13. T

    Random drug testing

    I went for a random drug testing back in September. I was sick and was taking cold medicine. I failed of course. Went through the SAP program. I went for the back to work drug test and I failed ir too. All I took was my vitamins and super B complex. I don't do drugs and I need to fight this so I...
  14. D

    I'm having an issue (Drug test related)

    Long story short I was fired by Swift for (as they put it) "Refusal to take a drug test"...My definition of "refuse" is telling someone NO but I did not tell them I would not take the drug test. I told them I would take it but arrived to the appointment late, they would not take me (cuz the docs...
  15. patriciajnsn

    New Drug Test Coming Near You

    A New Drug Test May Be Coming Your Way | Class A Drivers ATA asked congress to make hair testing a federal law.I knew this would happen just surprised not till now.Companies are fighting this saying its too expensive but how often do they win?
  16. R

    refused drug test

    I refused drug test and quit job. went thru sap program. question is will someone hire me now? have prefect driving record for the past 7 yrs. i live in the Atlanta area anyone know of companys that will hire someone with this problem?
  17. patriciajnsn

    Pre Employment Drug Test

    By law are companies suppose to make the employees take a drug test before they get hired?
  18. H

    failed pre employment drug test

    anybody know what happens when you fail a pre employment drug screen??
  19. Maria

    OOIDA: Hair-based drug testing would not make the roads safer

    By David Tanner, Land Line senior editor In comments filed to a federal agency, OOIDA says that the current standards for urine-based drug testing for commercial drivers are acceptable and that there’s no need to pursue hair-based testing as an alternative. OOIDA filed comments Monday, June...
  20. Maria

    FMCSA bans former lab operator from the drug testing business

    By Tyson Fisher, Land Line staff writer The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has ordered a former operator of a third-party motor carrier drug testing company out of the drug testing business for now. Elizabeth Pope, former owner of Eastgate Laboratory Testing, Inc., was issued a...