1. LRod

    Standard agreement for O/O

    I am trying to help a new company, recruit some O/Os. They are not paying anything out of the ordinary that would make a trucker WANT to go work for them that I can see. they pay 75% (driver pays fuel with their fuel card for discount, and they pay 1/2 of the insurance) their 25% pays for other...
  2. R

    BEWARE Spirit Miller (Driveaway) St.Joseph MO.

    CDL A & B Drivers Beware signing on to Spirit Miller !......Ripoffs This is a 1099 contract position
  3. R

    Are there any companies that buy out Contracts?

    Are there any companies that will buy out your current contract, without having to jump through a bunch of hoops and making you feel like an idiot? I "work" for C.R England. I've been in Indiana for almost 2 weeks, with no sign of a trainer in sight. I need to find a company that will buyout my...