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  1. D


    Dollar General is ramping up their private fleet, looking to hire 200+ Class A drivers. Earn up to $84k per year, option to be home every night, safety bonuses, and benefits day one. Hiring areas: Texas Oklahoma Louisiana Alabama Pennsylvania Send inquiries to [email protected]
  2. K

    CDLA Drivers needed in St Paul/Mpls, MN

    Looking for CDLA drivers with at least 1 year tractor-trailer driving experience at busy Intermodal Trucking company in St Paul/Mpls, MN. Position is paid hourly with full benefit package after a 90 day evaluation period. Home every night and weekend. Newer truck equipment well maintained...
  3. B

    Company driver going OO need truck advice

    Hello, I've been a company driver for over 15 years and am at the point of wanting to go OO and haul Intermodal. What trucks have any of you drayage haulers had the best experience with? I prefer Freightliner personally but have also heard Mack 's engine is better. Thanks for any input!
  4. Maria

    Company driver arrested for trying to steal tractor and trailer

    By Greg Grisolano, Land Line staff writer A company driver from Atlanta is behind bars in Oklahoma after police say he tried to sell his company’s tractor and trailer. The suspect, 47-year-old Raymond Moore, was arrested on Friday, Feb. 27, at a Flying J in Tulsa, according to a spokesman with...
  5. Injun

    Lease/Owner Ops: You Are NOT Company Drivers!

    I am growing weary of hearing independent contractors whine because we don't get safety incentives, longevity bonuses, holiday and vacation pay or various benefits like insurance and retirement accounts. It's not Swift's responsibility to give these things to you for one. For another, if Swift...
  6. hongkong076

    Looking - company driver-

    Been at the same place for about 18 years and looking for a change. Live on the border of IL and WI Really close to Beloit WI. Thinking tanker but open to anything. Money is an issue I have to make as much or more at new job. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jeff
  7. Chris Aragon

    New Guide/Book for New "Large Corporate Company Drivers"

    The book is called "NEW TO OTR". Available at Amazon and BarnesandNoble. It is written as fiction and starts from the notion of obtaining a CDL and goes through the school and testing process and then the management of drivers and on through suggestions for road comfort. A short read but some...
  8. Mike

    Company Drivers, How Much Does Truck Speed Effect Your Employment Decisions?

    Given the latest news regarding speed limiters possibly being required on all commercial trucks, we are curious as to how much the speed of a truck effects you employment decisions. Lets say you have a couple job offers. Job A: .40/mile, trucks run 75mph Job B: .42/mile, trucks are governed...
  9. R

    Owner Operator and Company driver...

    yeh....which one is better? owner operator : more freedom...but the rate is bad now...and load is less now...also you need to take care your own insurance..permit...and so on... company driver: less chance to go home...but everything you earn is what you get......also...peace of mind ( you...
  10. betty17983

    company driver

    and which company is the best one to be a company driver with? where you at least get time home once in awhile but make decent money. need more info.
  11. TruckingBiker

    Company Drivers--Practical mls. Or Pay Rate Increase??

    Would you rather get paid practical miles or get a .05 cent raise. I say get lagit! I would rather get paid close to what we actually run. Depending on the week we lose anywhere from 5 to 8 hundred miles to the household movers. Its never in our favor. What's your opinion? TruckingBiker
  12. Maria

    Prime's Eco49 company drivers to receive sizeable per mile boost

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Prime inc. went green a couple of years ago within its reefer division with its Eco49 program, and now the pocketbooks of company drivers who participate in the program are going to contain more green. The company announced Thursday during the Mid-America Trucking Show here...
  13. grlichti

    Company driver vs. O/O Leased to company - pros and cons today

    Morning, Many companies offer a choice between being a company driver (solo or team) or the option of doing some sort of a lease-to-own O/O, but still working for that same company. Beyond the obvious differences of who pays for gas, etc. would one of you explain more in detail what the...
  14. Mike

    Company Drivers - Do you like or dislike the company you work for?

    Here is your chance to give out a good word for the company you drive for, or if you are not happy with them, give out a bad word. Post in the poll as do whether you like or dislike the company you are driving for, then respond in the thread why you like them or why you dislike them. If...
  15. H

    Need answers: Company driver vs Leasing and other Q's.

    Hello everybody. I am an out of work teacher who does not want to return to the teaching business. I am 52 and always wanted to get out on the road. I am going through the process of getting a CDL A and possibly B depending on what your answers are. I have an 8 and 16 year old daughters...
  16. JoBernard

    A company driver training for business

    This is by far one of the greatest opportunities you have in all of trucking; you should think of working for a company as training for your business. Whether you work for an O/O that owns a few trucks or a big company; there's always much to learn. Give yourself a few months to learn how to...
  17. Mike

    New Trucking Forum Geared Toward The Company Driver

    Hey all, In the past, we have been asked by new members if there is a forum just for company drivers. This has been a question that has come up multiple times via new members, or simply by email submission. There may be one out there, not sure. Even if there is, we feel we can do it better...
  18. GAnthony

    how many of you company drivers

    as the title starts asking, actually do any minor repairs or other service to your company truck and or trailer, because your company doesn't either listen to you, or you're sick and tired of waiting....??
  19. P

    lease or company driver

    I,ve had my CDL for 10 years as a company driver. But thinking about leasing/purchase. Need some help in deciding? I like the thought of having my own truck but want to get ahead money wise. Is the money there?
  20. Cybergal

    How low can company driver pay go? Pretty low in Mexico

    How low can company driver pay go? Pretty low in Mexico 9/18/07 landline"]landline[/URL]