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I thought this might be a nice way to promote the truck stop that you think is the best. If you have multiple truck stops that you like, please post them all.

Let me start :)

I have one truck stop that I have had nothing but great experiences with.
  • National Truck Stop
  • Interstate 20, exit 199, Longview, Texas.
  • Repair Shop is a nice place. They are quick to get you back on the road.
  • Restaurant is top notch. It is a "diner" type place, and unlike most truck stops, they value their customers by providing great service. If you eat here, please tip well if you can afford it, as these waitresses deserve it. This place takes pride in treating their customers well.
  • Convenience store has what you need. It isn't loaded with gimmick crap, but they have what you need including minor things for the truck, drinks, and food.
Recently added has been a CB shop and a Truck Wash. I haven't used either of these services, so can't comment on their quality.
The first one to come to mind is Derby City South, Mt. Vernon, KY - I 75 x 62 S = L. I have not been there for years but I have sent family and friends that were going thru to stop. Most of the services are near by, and only has about 50 parking spaces. But for good food, really good food this is a must stop location. I usually spent the night and the showers are clean. The service from the minute you step in this place they make you feel like your at HOME. The area was building up when I was there last. This is a must stop for me.
Sweetwater, TN - Dinner Bell Restaurant, I 40 x 62 This is not a truck stop, but a great buffet restaurant. There is pleanty of truck parking, and you can stay over night. For some old time southern cooking..
Sweetwater, TN - Dinner Bell Restaurant, I 40 x 62 This is not a truck stop, but a great buffet restaurant. There is pleanty of truck parking, and you can stay over night. For some old time southern cooking..

i agree with you on this one. i have eaten there a few times myself.
This could turn out to be a good thread. I will definitely take note of the ones that get listed here for if I ever get into those areas.
If only the Iowa 80 had a bar, it would be perfect.

I'm slightly partial to the Amarillo Flying J because I have never had a problem finding a parking spot no matter what time of day. Besides that I like any place with a bar nearby, I know it sounds like I am an alcoholic, but I only get two beers a month. I feel like I am in the navy.
The only thing I don't like about that Flying J is when you have to stop on the street waiting to fuel. Other than that, no complaints.
Another one for me is New England T/S, I 90 x 9, or I 84 x 1, about a mile east on US 20 on R. Old fashion Ma & Pa truck stop. Good Service and well kept. No fast food, but a restaurant again that can't be beat. If you can't tell by now I like the private owned restaurants. I search them out. Full service bar in this one.
#4- The Flying J (privite owned) in Le Grande, OR. They made that menu ROCK!

#3- Danny's Big Rig Resort in Arizona

#2- Pilot / Bosermens in Grand Island, NE. Always loved that place. Lots of TV's. Theators. Big store. Good food. Pretty waitress's.

#1- AMERICAN ROAD Truck stop in Nepolean, OH. Best food in a truck stop HANDS DOWN! Cleanest I have ever seen.
exit 28 on I-83 in Pa. it's the truckstop just north of york. it has some good food aand is nott well known so tthere is parking available.
Pilot, exit 148 I 5 in Oregon, got fat off the chicken fried steak, I haven't found too many that has one I like. haven't been there in a while though.
Who's got a good CB shop, I need a new one?
Yup... This kind of information is always useful...

Personally, I'm a Petro patron. There are a few that I'll just drive on by, but, by and large, they're a pretty decent chain of stops.
#4- The Flying J (privite owned) in Le Grande, OR. They made that menu ROCK!

The food may be o.k., I don't know because I rarely eat at truck stops, I fix meals in my truck. But at the risk of being off topic here the La Grande Flying J leaves a lot to be desired. The parking lot is gravel/dirt and not well kept and the showers aren't kept very clean as is the rest of the facility, c-store and restaurant.

I can say that I will go a little farther down the road to the newly opened Arrowhead Travel Plaza near Pendleton, OR at the bottom of Cabbage hill. Nice place, plenty of parking, friendly folks and CLEAN showers. Of course it is still new, check back in a year or so.

I have also found the Flying J's at Perrysburg, OH, Salina, KS, Corning, CA, Ogden, UT, Beach, ND, Sioux Falls, SD, Great Falls, MT, Gretna, NE (Omaha), Effingham, IL, Spiceland, IN, Saskatoon, SK, Caldwell & Jerome, ID and Tulsa, OK to meet my needs and expectations. I have found many T/A's, Petro's, Flying J's and Pilot's to be pretty run down but the Iowa 80 has to rank #1 on the all time nicest list and the Petro at Perrysburg, OH across the freeway from the Flying J is o.k, especially the movie theater, not just a "tv" room called a theater like most places. The Love's in Ripley, WV is pretty nice, but it still hasn't got the new worn off of it yet.

Keep in mind I almost never eat at a truck stop, so my ratings don't cover that aspect. Also you might notice a lot of Flying Hooks here - my company requires we fuel at them as much as possible, something about a deal for fuel prices. So I wind up planning my stops around them and accumulate a lot of shower credits there.

Those bosselmans truckstops r sure nice the one in altoona iowa has an elevator they sell pilot fuel but thats it no relation to the pilot i hate pilots loves pretty much all the big chains food sucks not much for parking the list goes on and on
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