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I don't care who you are Courtney love rocks out way harder than Kurt Cobain
That's all I have to say about that! I say g'day. ✋



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They go through the auction as lease returns. It's where the vast majority of low mile late models you see on a dealer's lot comes from
Thanks that clears things up.I guess I thought the rental places bought them through a dealer.


I've been working on a motorized bicycle trailer for about 9 months now.

I've got about 3 actual hours of work done on it though. 😁
we should have had at least, 40, 546,887, 287 pages of updates. what's holding you back??


i really wanted to say that, i really did, then i was going to add that it'll also be about 56,785,989, 095 pages here updating us.
Only that many pages because of all the stupid rambling nonsense posted throughout all of it by you and krelithous.

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Three ways to tell spring has sprung...

Eight squashed skunks on the road in one day...

Multiple dead bugs on the windshield...

The air conditioner just ain't as good as it was last year...


:thefinger: (For good measure)
When I went "Propane" Grill there's a Drip Pan..

Thought I'd take a shovel dig a hole bury it...

Something probably Racoons dug that up n ate the Dirt


You're like an obnoxiously immature little brother. Which is funny because you're like 3 times my age.
but, you still like me, admit it........SON......or are you my other grandson like @Electric Chicken ?????
After a certain age, they begin to regress. 🧓
that's right. we want a train set, Radio controlled cars, trucks, air planes

but in all actuality, i'm now into guns.

getting a new .45 this coming saturday..!


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