XM Radio setup - Peterbilt truck


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Well, I am all happy to be in my new 387 Peterbilt, except for the radio.

In my previous turd, I mean truck, (t2000), the radio had a casette player, so I just hooked XM up through the casette deck.

This new truck is supposed to be satellite radio ready, and supposedly, I am just supposed to push the "band" button until I get to the satellite option. Problem is, that option never shows up. I get two FM options, weather radio, and AM.

Any tips here? The radio says "SAT Radio" on the front, and according to the Dephi manual that came with it, all I have to do is what I said above.

I do have it hooked up an working, but I am doing it through the "select FM frequency" option. I really don't want to deal with having to switch stations as I am driving if I don't have to.
I am probably going to go with that first option if I can't figure out how to make this radio work properly.
If you go with the first option I just wouldnt bother plugging in the radio antenna. I never listen to local radio and if I need to know something it will come over the CB.
Does XM offer a way to get local radio for traffic updates? Or anything like that. That is the only reason I listen most times to local stations. Traffic updates and street closings in winter.
There is an ID code to activate the radio to XM.

Mine came up XM on a preview channel...then I had to call XM and register that code. Then the Xm came in...like using the regular radio.

Probably won't help much but that's what I had to do.

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