XM Radio Hosts, particularly Bozo, really covering up the shutdown talk


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Let me first say that I love these shows. They make for some good entertainment while driving.

That said, it is beginning to sicken me, the way that these guys have been forcefully distancing themselves from any and all shutdown talk, particularly The Trucking Bozo.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised though. Their shows are dependent on some big advertising dollars, and low and behold, it is the big trucking companies who are advertising on their shows. Guess you can't bite the hand that feeds you.

I was considering putting some advertising dollars for this site toward some air time on XM when I was ready to really launch this website. Not so sure that is a good idea at this point. Not that they will miss my money, I am sure Prime, J.B., Schneider, and the rest of the big boys give them plenty.
BullWinkle make no mistake about our intentions bud we do stand behind this shutdown, but we also would like to see this pettition go through i believe it would be a great relief to all the drivers
Who is we? All I am hearing on these shows on a daily basis right now is a bunch of two stepping around the talk. Trying to put fear into the drivers who listen to the shows by talking about all the bad stuff that will happen, how the public will hate us (even though the sites that are linking to us right now, non trucking sites, are supporting this effort), talking about all the danger involved, and doing everything possible to act like there is not even a date for this.

Sure, since this is Country wide, and since nobody can legally stand up and organize it, there is a little variance in when it is supposed to happen, but the show hosts even laugh when you mention a date and try to mention every date possible so their listeners think there is no chance for this.

As much as I push people to get XM and listen to these shows, and as much as I push people to join OOIDA, it makes me a little sad to hear how these guys respond to this issue.
I took 171 off of my favorites after listening to Dale say that it can never happen, I thought that guy knew truckers better than that, If and I say If this doesn't happen on the first I don't see it going away, it is just going to build until it does happen or there aren't any Owner/operators left which at the high and rising cost of business and extremely low rates won't take long to do
I would like to know just how many calls are coming into their shows about the shutdown. I imagine their screeners are doing all they can to keep them out, but a few are smart enough to make up something else to get by the screener.

You can tell they aren't prepared to talk to those people when they do get through.

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