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Well, I guess it's here. With the snow and ice hammering the Midwest, a lot of us are going to be driving with white knuckles today. It seems like every year I forget how much I hate winter driving. It didn't take too long behind the wheel this morning to remind me.
i wwent thru the same thing yesterday when i left Rochester ,Ny area. The gusty winds and snow flurries made for an interesting ride. just be careful and give yourself more space.
Lighter touch on all foot pedals, more space and lots of mirrors being looked at. Ahh winter truckin. It increases the "Pucker Factor". Smile and drive.
I'm in GA so I don't have to worry too much about snow, it's the ice down here. Driving in icy conditions is nerve racking, but the ice melts by the early afternoon. I couldn't deal with wintery conditions all day every day. Koudos to those who can stand it.
It's not that bad. Sorta like driving through Atlanta. Think, look think, look all day long. But it could be worse, we could be up there on that ICE ROAD.
I'm so jealous of you manning125! Up north here we got blasted with over 8 inches. No doubt about it now, we're definitely going to have a white Christmas!
WTH? Why are so many people out there driving thinking they are invincible? I was getting off the I-65 at the 168 exit this morning about 5:30 AM and the exit is pretty bad from all the snow. Going around the curve a 4 wheeler passed me and the semi in front of me. He saved maybe 20 seconds of drive time and about made both of us about skid into each other. If he had slid into the ditch I would have got out and beat the sh!t out of him.
this week was nasty and with more to come. i saw wrecked trucks all over the place here in PA. I-76/70 and I-79 and parts of ohio where shut down due to wrecks or bad weather.

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